In Which Cases The Patient Can Go For Surrogacy Treatment?

In Which Cases The Patient Can Go For Surrogacy Treatment?
In Which Cases The Patient Can Go For Surrogacy Treatment?


In this emotionally intense and legal complex arrangement another women (third person) carries and gives birth to child for the willing couple. Surrogacy is gaining popularity as the way to having baby among the parents however it requires lot of time, money and patience to succeed.

Surrogacy can be of two types one is the traditional and other is the Gestational. In the traditional surrogacy the surrogate mother that carries baby for others gets artificial insemination of the father’s sperms for the successful pregnancy. In the traditional surrogacy surrogate mother used to be the biological mother of child and the baby use to have the genes of father and the surrogate mother.

Gestational Surrogacy is the way in which IVF technique is used to implant the embryo in the surrogate mothers womb. Embryo is converted from the eggs and sperms taken from the couple who is willing to have their baby. In this surrogate mother only carries the baby for nine months in the womb and she is not at all related to the baby genetically.

With this modern method couples can have their genetic baby carried by other women and even it is called rented womb method.

In the following cases couple may go for surrogacy treatment

  • If the female partner has some problems with the uterus
  • Female partner has hysterectomy removed from the uterus
  • Due to some sever conditions like heart attack that can make pregnancy impossible and risky
  • If the women have recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Surrogacy can be needed if the couple has repeated failed IVF cycles due to some specific reasons
  • It is the good option for the couple that cannot adopt child due to their age or marital status
  • Even the gay men can use the traditional surrogacy for becoming the biological father of baby that have biological surrogate mother
  • Couple with the same sex or gay couples can also choose the egg donor and have their baby with the donated eggs