What Is The Difference Between The Natural IVF And The Conventional IVF Cycle?

What Is The Difference Between The Natural IVF And The Conventional IVF Cycle?
What Is The Difference Between The Natural IVF And The Conventional IVF Cycle?


IVF treatment is the blessing for the childless couples. The best IVF centre in Talwandi Sabo will provide the best IVF treatment for infertility. There are two types of the IVF treatments. One is natural IVF treatment while other is the traditional method. But which has to choose is dependent upon the decision of the patients. This treatment will affect their physical, emotional and the financial level of the patient.

The best IVF Centre in Zira will suggest you best method in which more success rate will be included.


This is the IVF process in which negligible or nil drugs are used.

This method is based on the whole natural process of women cycle. In this process, only one follicle is chosen from the women’s body. On the other hand, drugs were used to stop the menstrual cycle in order to reduce the growth of a lot of the follicles. Nowadays, IVF in India has now become so economical. These days, infertile couples are approaching the fertility clinic without any hesitation.

What is the debate between quality and quantity of the egg?

In order to enhance the success rate, the main goal of the best IVF centre in Samrala is to generate as many as eggs. But in case of the natural IVF, gynecologist only focus on the one quality eggs. But in the natural cycle, ovaries of the women produce so many follicles. In the later stages, only one follicle will become dominant. Then it will turn in to the egg. Other follicles will be shrink back and die lastly.

Stimulating drugs are just used to the enhance the growth of the existing follicles. The main cause of the problem of the fertilization and implantation is the chromosomal abnormalities. Patients those don’t respond to the stimulating drugs, in that fertility drugs will not respond much to their body. This will also affect the environment of the mother womb. This is very crucial for the implantation procedure.

What is the difference between the conventional IVF and the natural IVF cycle?

  • In the conventional IVF cycle is 4 to 6 weeks while in natural IVF cycle, the time period is of 2weeks

  • In the Conventional IVF cycle, the medication is required for at least 4 to 5 weeks. On the other side, there is no need of the fertility drugs in the Natural IVF cycle.

  • In the conventional method of IVF, large numbers of the eggs are generated while in the natural cycle, only one or two quality eggs are generated.

  • In the conventional method, the whole process is focused on the quantity while in the natural process; the whole process is focused on the quality.

  • The conventional method of IVF Is not effective for the women who have the low ovarian reserve while natural IVF method is suitable for the low ovarian reserve.

  • Natural IVF method is less stressful as compared to the conventional method of the IVF.