Why Laser Hatching is Best?

Why Laser Hatching is Best?

During the assisted hatching procedure a small opening is made in the outer most shell of the embryo which is also called Zona pellucida. This procedure is performed for successful breaking out the shell to facilitate the implantation process during IVF procedure.

This assisted hatching also called IVF hatching is done with three methods as with the acid Tyrode’s solution, with mechanical means as partial zona dissection (PZD) and laser hatching.

Earlier the hatching with acid Tyrode’s solution was quite common but these days laser hatching is getting common and even counted as the best among all.

How laser hatching is performed?

In this lab procedure laser beam is used to hatch the outer shell to facilitate the embryo implantation. Circle of Colored beam of light is fixed to locate the point where laser will fire. The laser beam used for hatching is invisible and only its effects can be seen.

Laser beam release energy in the embryo shell and dissolve it. The laser is pulsed 3 times to create complete gap in the shell. However this exact technique may vary based on the power settings, technique and spot size. This hatching is done without affecting the embryo for successful pregnancy.

Why laser is quite common than other methods of hatching

Assisted hatching with the laser is considered as more safe, faster and easier as compared to the other methods and it can even boost up the chances of getting pregnant during IVF process.

Laser hatching can give benefit to the women with having age more than 37 with successful IVF cycle. This procedure can be used for the patients with elevated day 3 FSH which are unable to get pregnant naturally. Even the patients with thick and abnormal egg shell have fewer chances for successful implantation of embryo so laser hatching can facilitate the same.

This procedure can be beneficial for the patients that had prior failed IVF cycles. Due to all above facts laser hatching is getting popular for the IVF hatching to ensure successful pregnancy.