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Best IVF Centre in Punjab

Best IVF Centre in Punjab | IVF Doctor in India Dr. Sumita Sofat

Best IVF Centre in Ludhiana

Dr. Sumita Sofat is well known and the best IVF doctor in Ludhiana & she is known for having more than 28 years of expertise in fertility treatment. She initiated the first IVF centre in Punjab, the Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital, with an aim to provide high-quality treatment for male & female infertility issues. 

Where She Started From:

She started her career at a reputed Govt. Medical College, Patiala & then went to DMC&H Ludhiana to earn her Master’s in Gynaecology. Thousands of couples achieved their parenthood dream through her exceptional IVF, Test Tube Baby and ICSI treatments.


She has received several honors for her dedication to serving in medicine and society. VISHISHT CHIKITSAK AWARD is one of the honors and awards she gets for her quality treatment and innovation.

In addition to her clinical expertise, she participates in several national and international conferences to discuss the development and research related to infertility treatments.

Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital

(Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre)

Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital is the best IVF Centre in India, equipped with staff of skilled Doctors and Nurses who are dedicated to providing a variety of infertility-related services like IVF, ICSI, IUI, Egg Freezing, TESA and many more. We were established to offer the top and most compassionate infertility care to people who have a strong desire for children; with our continuous efforts, we have developed as Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab & top fertility clinics in India.

Dedicated Team & Care:

We are a great team of skilled medical professionals & nurses at our hospital and nurses who lay the foundation for every successful IVF. At every step on the journey of your parenthood, we are always available to keep your enthusiasm high, and we are committed to turning your dream of starting the family into reality.

Moral Support & Modern Techniques:

Our hospital is the perfect example that illustrates the benefits of teamwork of the compassionate doctor and modern science. We offer a loving environment and the most recent technology to make your fertility journey happier. We are committed to providing the most effective therapies with our dedication & innovation.

Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital is the best IVF center in Punjab. We have been providing advanced IVF treatment to couples who are facing difficulty in having children naturally. Our team of medical experts work under the leadership of Dr. Sumita Sofat, one of the best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana. Our institution is equipped with some of the most advanced medical equipment to treat various conditions related to infertility in the best way. We aim to provide ground breaking treatment for various infertility problems using ultra modern treatments like IVF, Sperm Donation, IUI, ICSI, Egg Donation, Embryo donation etc. Dr. Sumita Sofat is an expert in providing high quality infertility treatment.

Our institution has been one of the top Infertility treatment facilities for many years now. It is because many people have had successful treatment for their fertility issues and have had the chance to start their family. At our institution, you get guaranteed pre and post treatment care under the guidance of the best medical staff. Our team is very compassionate and we put our patient’s interest on the top. You should come here if you are having difficulty in having kids naturally and want your own baby.

At Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital, we provide some of the most advanced treatments for medically assisted pregnancy. These treatments are aimed at checking causes of infertility at the very root. Through our treatment our goal is to increase the egg or sperm count in the patients so that they are able to conceive successfully. The first and extremely crucial step in our treatment is understanding the cause of your fertility problem. Our team of medical experts under Dr. Sumita Sofat, then decide the best treatment plan for you. We aim to spread awareness about fertility among our patients. We also look if they need any social interventions like alcohol ban or relaxation therapy. Some of the most important fertility treatments provided at our institutions are: Egg Freezing- In this we stimulate the ovaries medically. It promotes the production of good quality eggs. We then collect them and preserve them under appropriate laboratory conditions. Laser Hatching- It is the procedure in which laser is used to encourage the embryo to successfully hatch after it has developed. It promotes successful implantation of embryos in the uterus. Semen Bank- At our hospital, we provide the facility for semen freezing. Sperm is collected from healthy males, it is then stored at a very low temperature. Why We Are The Best Fertility Hospital

  • We have clean and spacious patient rooms, You can also book hotels nearby
  • All types of payment modes are available
  • Our staff is experienced and cooperative
  • Our hospital is open 24/7, you also get emergency services
  • We have high success rate in fertility treatment
  • Our team of doctors are highly experienced in their field

At Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital, we provide a range of ultra modern treatment for couples suffering from fertility issues. We have a highly experienced team of medical staff, who have gained significant knowledge and skill working with such couples over past decades. They have worked in many top institutes worldwide. It is an honor to help couples start their family. Many couples visit us from different cities to get proper diagnosis and medical care for their fertility issues. We provide Low Cost IVF in India. It is a treatment where both male and female gametes are collected. The doctors then allow them to fertilize under strict laboratory conditions. Healthy embryos are then implanted inside the uterus of the female.

Our facility, headed by Dr. Sumita Sofat provides a range of medically assisted reproductive procedures like:

  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)- Eggs and sperm are collected. They are then fertilized in the lab. The embryo is then placed inside the uterus.
  • IUI (IntraUterine Implantation)- The docs use a thin tube like instrument to directly inject sperm in the uterus.
  • Egg Donation- A healthy woman can donate her eggs to help other infertile couples.
  • Sperm Donation- Healthy people who want to donate their gamete can do so in our facility. It can give someone hope of becoming parents.
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)- It is done when the male partner has infertility issues. The egg is injected with live sperms in the laboratory. It creates embryos.

All hell breaks loose when a woman gets to realize that she cannot conceive a child. She then has to hear all the unwanted things from the public and is sometimes ostracized or singled out for her inability to become a mother. If you are going through such a situation in your life, then the Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital has a solution for you. We are the most advanced infertility center where you can get rid of this situation and begin a journey towards a beautiful motherhood. We completely understand your concerns on your inability to have a child and provide the best in class Artificial Reproduction Technology, which is the most proven method and is becoming the first choice amongst many couples to conceive a child and start a family. Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital is indeed the best place to get the best IVF Centre where you can opt for the best infertility clinic that would enhance the chances of having a baby. We provide the most successful IVF treatments to our patients with the help of the most advanced technologies and methods that ensure the best chances of a healthy pregnancy and a better childbirth without any complications.

Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital is one of the oldest IVF Centres in our country. We are currently the most preferred infertility clinic in India and have the largest no. of couples in the country consulting us to conceive a child of their own. We have helped a significant number of infertile couples to experience the joyful bliss of parenthood with the most dedicated and advanced treatment and care at the hands of Dr Sumita Sofat, who is an extensively trained infertility specialist. Dr. Sofat has the most advanced knowledge of IVF treatments that have enhanced the chances of couples to have a child. She has incorporated the use of latest technologies and methods to Improve the chances of pregnancy in infertile women and a healthy childbirth. She has the most standardized practices that are up to the mark and are advanced according to the modern times. Dr Sofat has always strived for perfection and provides the utmost care and support to infertile women in their struggle to experience the joys of motherhood. Her aim in life is to fight infertility amongst women with the best and standard ART Protocols, which is the reason why our clinic is the most preferred all over the nation. These are the reasons why we consider Dr. Sofat as the backbone of our hospital along with the expertise of several other IVF specialists working with us, who have always focused on providing quality treatment and care in this excellent work of providing people the joys of a blissful family.

The Assisted Reproductive Technology, also known as ART needs the best expertise for a successful therapy. Basically it is technical and requires a complete examination during checking, screening, consultation, laparoscopic methods, Lab procedures and embryo screening and transfer. In this practice, a well trained IVF scientist will combine the eggs and sperm to form a zygote that is cultured to form an embryo. This embryo is then cultured to let the cell division occur and checked through a screening to detect any abnormalities, damage to it or its eligibility to get implanted. We use the latest Laser assisted Hatching procedure that creates gaps in the eggs outermost layer called zona, enabling the egg to hatch easily. We also use the Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA). This method is used to check a woman’s endometrial receptivity from a molecule. This procedure enhances the woman’s chances of implanting an embryo after it gets transferred into her uterus. We are the experts in providing the latest IVF treatments and protocols that are Laser Assisted Hatching, IVF, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF) and other modern treatments along with counseling, cryopreservation, Intrauterine Insemination, Transvaginal sonography, egg freezing, laparoscopy, donor embryo, donor sperm, hysteroscopy and GIFT, which are also the modern protocols followed and practiced for a successful childbirth.

At Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF hospital, Dr. Sumita Sofat not only provides treatment for infertility conditions, but also works with team doctors, including chemists, embryologists and nurses. They attend to the patients well-mannered and patiently guide them. IVF Centre in Punjab, the issued caretaker is responsible for collecting information for the couple, like taking sample tests and providing relative information about the medical process. We understand what the patient wants and help them achieve a child’s goal in life. We will guide you through the steps of the medical procedure. So you can easily understand the process we help until you get a healthy baby. All performing teams are patient-friendly and offer guidance to patients, and we have earned the majority of the trust through patients. Patients fear when getting IVF is normal because all surgical procedures have some complications during the procedure, but complications faced by some people during IVF. Our team applies techniques to minimize the risks like multiple births, ovary stimulation, ectopic pregnancies, failed IVF treatment, and other treatments. Here, advanced methods are used to minimize the risk and complication.

Dr. Sumita Sofat has been honored with many awards in the past few years for her work in this field. Many reputed organizations recognized her work and appreciated her by honoring her. Now, she is honored as an inspiring infertility specialist in India. Dr. Sumita Sofat works hard to make many couples dream true for being a parent of a healthy child. Dr. Sumita Sofat helped many couples to conceive naturally. She guides them in her best to understand the treatment. Many couples face failure for conceiving after taking many treatments. She is ready to help with most troublesome cases with her experience in this field. There are lots of patients who are always ready to share the story of their journey during this treatment. How Dr. Sumita Sofat provides them the best treatment without any stress. Dr. Sumita Sofat is very heartedly treating her patients with great care beyond the treatment. These are the reasons she is renowned as the best IVF specialist.

You must be thinking where our hospital can be, where you get the best IVF treatment. Our main hospital is situated in Ludhiana city in the state of Punjab, India. As a leading renowned IVF Treatment provider, we have our center in almost all the cities of India. We believe in keeping things confidential. Lots of patients do not feel comfortable talking much about treatment. We have tie-ups with other good facilities, laboratories, and chemists to provide you with the best services and treatment. To keep your samples protected. We provide different modes to book an appointment with us. As we know, everything is provided online so that you can book a consultation online. You can also call us at our main center in Ludhiana, or visit us directly at 9, Government College Rd, near Rose Garden, Rose Enclave, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

FAQ - IVF Treatment

FAQ - IVF Treatment +

Patients who adopt IVF treatment from out of town often go home when they get treatment on the same day. But if you want to go, then you better consult the doctor. In some cases, you do need to stay long in the hospital. It is important when you travel to ensure you do not make yourself stressed. After treatment, you should avoid tough activities because that is the time to give the embryo to implant successfully. Doctor’s advice when you travel: do not drink air fluids and avoid dehydration. If you feel discomfort, immediately contact Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF hospital.

Is IVF using up all a woman's eggs? +

No, all women’s eggs are not used up in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment. IVF treatment allows particular numbers of her eggs to be used up to fertilization. The remaining eggs not selected for the procedure are called a natural cell death. A woman’s ovary produces a hundred eggs during the menstruation cycle. Commonly, mature eggs are put to fertilization. Leftover eggs are not affected by the treatment. If a woman takes fertility medicine, her body’s natural selection is overridden. After getting IVF treatment, women remain in the reproductive cycle. Important notes: When women get older, their ovaries lack eggs. IVF treatment can’t stop and reverse the procedure.

Are IVF injections painful? +

Injections are the main part of IVF treatment. Taking injections daily can become stressful for patients. That’s why experts upgrade the medicinal procedure and injections schedule to make your stress to the minimum. Now patients just stink like pain for just 15 to 20 seconds. Many females feel more pain because some people get scared of injection and find it painful. But in IVF treatment fully skilled nurses and doctors treat you. They always try their best to give the comfortable experience. It is good to make yourself mentally prepared during this procedure. It is necessary to be positive throughout the procedure.

Is the egg retrieval procedure painful?? +

Egg retrieval procedure is a miner surgery. During this surgery anesthesia is given to the patient. In this procedure ultrasound probes enter the vagina. That tube has long and thin needles which go through the wall of vagina and take follicles. When eggs are taken and anesthesia loses its effect, the patient may feel a bit of discomfort. It is just a part of IVF treatment in which doctors collect female eggs. After collecting eggs further procedure starts of the treatment to treat the patient. IVF treatment is a process of multiple steps. You just have to trust your doctor during the procedure.

Methods used to transfer frozen embryos? +

Every IVF Centre uses two methods to transfer frozen embryos to ensure better results depending on various factors. These two ways are: controlled cycle transfer and Natural cycle transfer. The former is an artificial method and the latter is done naturally. Controlled cycle transfer is used for people who have irregular menstrual cycles and the most preferred for people who are on a travel schedule since this type of transfer is artificial and precisely timed. The medicines used for this method are estrogen (injectable or oral form) and progesterone (injectable or vaginal form). The natural cycle transfer is for the people who have a regular menstrual cycle for the frozen eggs to travel to the uterus. This method doesn’t require any medication or checking, making it the most affordable and easy method for the patients.

Duration of Treatment and Hospital Stay? +

A lot of patients coming to our hospital come from other parts of India. You can complete your medical and financial consultations online through cell phones. Some screenings and some required procedures can be done by your local gynecologists or endocrinologists. If you have begun with your stimulation treatment at home, you will need to travel to our clinic 5-7 days after our treatments. Most of the patients should be in the clinic for 10-21 days based on their conditions. You can also have the services from our staff if you are out of town via cell phones and email.

What are the chances of pregnancy with frozen embryos? +

The chances of a successful pregnancy with frozen embryos depends on multiple factors. First, if the quality of frozen embryos was good then there is a high chance that it can convert into a successful pregnancy. Two, if the women receiving the treatment are young, the chances for successful pregnancy is more. Because young women are more fertile than older women. Third, the condition of the uterus, if the woman receiving the embryos has issues with her embryo, then the embryos might not become successfully implanted. The fetus will eventually grow in the uterus, so the health of the uterus is very important.

Do fertility hormones pose long term health risks? +

Sometimes back it was brought to attention that there could be a link between fertility medicines and various forms of cancer in women. The medical community conducted extensive research to find its proof. In the research they found out that the women who have taken fertility medication but never went through childbirth had the higher risk of getting this disease. So it is speculated that the problem is not with the medications but the fact that these women never had children. So, the experts have speculated that certain components of child bearing and birth protects the women from ovarian and other forms of cancer.

Are there risks to having a baby through IVF? +

Some researches have proved that the chances of birth defects in children via IVF is more than the normal ones. It is also possible that other factors and not the procedures are responsible for these defects. It is also shown in the research that naturally conceived siblings of IVF kids also show similar defects. So it is speculated that the risk of birth defects and deformities lies in the people receiving the treatment rather than the procedure. Another risk factor related with the procedure is that the child might have a premature delivery and low birth weight. Also studies have shown that the mother might suffer from a certain type of ovarian cancer.

When is IVF needed? +

IVF is a medically assisted procedure for infertile couples to have kids. A couple should consider IVF when there is a high chance of male infertility. When the woman is ageing and has limited time to get pregnant, she should go straight for IVF. She can also consider this procedure when her ovarian reserve is decreasing. Ivf is also a good option when the woman is suffering from other health issues that might affect fertility. The doctor advises the couple about IVF when the woman is not able to produce enough viable eggs so they need donor eggs. When the woman can not carry the pregnancy to term, they are advised for IVF.

What are the options if a woman’s eggs are not producing the pregnancy? +

There are several choices if women’s eggs cannot produce results. One can choose the treatment options according to their infertility condition and personal preference. If producing healthy eggs is not possible, the woman can seek the option to go for the donor ( a healthy woman who can give her healthy eggs for the conceiving). After receiving healthy eggs from the other women, doctors will perform IVF surgery with their partner’s sperm. If the quality and quantity of the eggs is the major problem in the woman’s pregnancy, then she can opt for egg donation. The fertilisation of the fertile lady and the woman’s partner (who cannot produce healthy eggs) is done in the closed lab since this technique is no less than any revolution for a woman who cannot complete her family.

What if women are not able to carry a pregnancy? +

Many women cannot achieve their family goals due to various medical and biological conditions. It is painful and emotional for a woman to know she couldn’t conceive a baby. Women who face prevalent pregnancy issues need to know about effective and available treatment resources. Some medical issues can uplift the infertility problem in women, like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome ( PCOS), and hormone imbalance, which can greatly interfere with the reproductive system. This problem can make the pregnancy concept challenging for a woman. In those situations, gestational carrier, formerly known as surrogacy (a procedure where women can get help from other women, the other women will get pregnant with the infertile women’s partner).

Is Complete Bed Rest Needed After Embryo Implantation? +

There is no requirement for complete bed rest after the embryo implantation. There is no scientific evidence that provides backing to complete bed rest theory. It is a myth or a major assumption set in people’s minds, which is why many people strictly follow this false advice for complete rest. People usually think that complete bed rest after the embryo implantation will increase their chances of highly successful pregnancy results, but it’s a big myth. Rest is necessary, but complete bed rest will make your condition worse till the time of delivery. The woman indulges in her daily household activities and takes only the required rest, like a good night’s sleep. The mother’s physical health has a major effect on her child’s health since it becomes necessary for a mother to take care of her health mentally & physically during the pregnancy period, but complete bed rest will make your condition worse.

Why Do People Undergo ICSI Treatment Options? +

ICSI’s full name is Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It is a modern technique to treat male infertility. ICSI treatment helps when a man does not produce enough strong sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg naturally. In that case, doctors directly inject the single sperm cell into a uterus with the help of a needle for the egg to fertilize. ICSI treatment often uses those males who suffer from infertility factors such as poor sperm movement and low sperm count. This treatment increases the chances of a baby. It is the best solution for couples who have conceiving problems. After getting treatment, the couple had a baby.

Difference between ICSI and IVF? +

The In Vitro Fertilisation and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection are two assisted reproduction technology methods used to treat infertility. IVF is used to treat female infertility whereas ICSI is used to treat infertility inside males. In ICSI, you inject the selected sperm directly into the cell. In IVF, the cell and sperm are left inside a laboratory dish to fertilise themselves. ICSI is only opted if the male has a low sperm count, an abnormally shaped sperm, or if they want to clinically collect the sperm. This therapy is rarely done whereas IVF is the most common method opted for childbirth.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The IUI Procedure? +

IUI is a medical procedure to help couples have children who have been facing fertility issues. In this process healthy semen is directly injected in the uterus of a woman, where it fertilizes the eggs. The success rate for this procedure increases when the people meet certain criteria. When the couple is below 35 years and have been trying for a baby naturally for more than a year. This period is 6 months for couples over 35 years of age. Other criterias are healthy eggs in females and healthy semen in males. It is also important that the female can take fertility medication. It will help the doctor to keep an eye on when the woman ovulates, they can then inject the sperm at the right time.

What Is The Duration Of IUI Treatment? +

IUI is a safe and quick fertility treatment procedure. It is used to treat male infertility. This is a painless procedure. The most important step in this is managing ovulation in females with the help of medication. The woman has to take certain fertility medications that induce ovulation. It takes up to 14 days. It can also take a few weeks. The doctor sets a date for the process, once the ovulation is confirmed. On the day of ovulation, the doctor inserts sperms directly into the uterus, near the egg. This gives the sperms relatively easier access to the eggs, which increases the chance of successful fertilization.