Azoospermia - Low Sperm Counts Don't Worry!

know briefly about the terms Azoospermia, Low sperm count and male fertility. It has been proven very beneficial for couples to deal with the issue of infertility in male. Around 40% of cases of infertility are because of male problem.
IVF procedure with Egg donor

Most important if you you get donor eggs that are not genetically related to her child but the father is related to his child because they only use donor eggs, not sperm.
Laser-Assisted Hatching Process

The embryo implantation is affected because of the thickness of the shell after 40 as compared to younger ones, So laser-assisted hatching suggested by doctors in this kind of cases.
Hypothyroidism & Fertility

The main symptom of fertility problem is irregular periods which is similar to thyroid problem sign. In this way, you must visit the infertility specialist so that you can get the proper treatment.
Success stories of IVF After Miscarriage

As we mentioned above IVF is the treatment which gives you better and successful results.
Precautions after IVF Procedure

It is essential that right after the IVF procedure of embryo transfer you should take the maximum precautions you can. Even the doctor will let you know what things you should avoid so that the results are not affected in any way.
Artificial Insemination & IUI - Sofatinfertility

What is artificial insemination? Artificial insemination is an infertility treatment in which your surgeon injects sperm directly to the female’s womb for conception. In addition,...
Things you need to know about ICSI treatment

Sometimes, ICSI treatment recommends if you experienced failed IVF cycles previously. Because this treatment especially focuses on healthy sperm eggs.
Relation between fertility and egg quality

Egg counts play an important role in fertility, if you have less number of eggs then you may experience infertility. The Gynaecologist will clarify your whole situation and reason behind your infertility problem.
Fresh Vs. Frozen Embryo Transfer

Fresh embryo transfer During this procedure fertilized eggs, embryos are transferred to the woman's uterus after several days from retrieving the eggs. The eggs which...