Sofat-The right Address for all the fertility issues

A woman wanting to conceive will be delighted to report a missed period. But there could be another reason behind the missed period. It...
Treatment to get rid of infertility

Before IVF treatment became popular and acceptable by the people, it was referred to as a test tube baby.
Checking the canal is a significant part of the female infertility treatment.

Know about the female infertility and how you can increase the chances to conceive.
IVF success and failure

Punjab: IVF is known as In Vitro Fertilization is a way to produce babies when there is an inability to produce babies naturally, here you will come to learn about factors affecting the IVF success and failure.
infertility among men

Male infertility treatment in India has also become common like women infertility treatment and also IVF centers have been extended to almost whole of India

IVF is a strategy adopted by many couples who are suffering from Infertility. Many couples might opt for this Infertility treatments in Punjab due to genetic anomalies as well.
IVF is the hope for many couples

IVF in India: Hope for many couples who were not able to conceive in spite of trying for several years. So many couples are...
the Survival guide for the infertility

What are the frequently asked questions about infertility from the patients?
Latest IVF Technique

The treatment of In-Vito-fertilization has come a long way since it has been started. The first baby from IVF treatment was born in 1978....
Sofat Infertility Centre Punjab – A Ray OF Hope For Infertile Couples

Now Dr. Sumita Sofat, IVF & Infertility Specialist in Punjab, becoming a ray of hope for infertile couples. Infertility can be treated in many ways but the IVF and test tube baby treatments are primary for this issue.