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Test Tube Baby Treatment For Infertile Couple

The term test tube baby was first used in 1978. This word came into existence with the birth of Louise Joy Brown in England. Although, now this treatment is referred to as IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) under the category of assisted reproductive technique. This treatment has helped the childless couple to become parents. This is the reason, the demand for IVF has increased at the best test tube baby centre in Punjab.

Get Enough Knowledge About Treatment

Test Tube Baby Treatment in Punjab
  • Be it about the procedure or low cost test tube baby centre in India, with initial consultation all your concerns about the treatment will be cleared. If you are seeking medical attention to address infertility, then Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital can provide the best treatment plan and what can improve your conception chances.

Definition Of Test Tube Baby Treatment

Generally, it is known for IVF. During the procedure, the egg and sperm are processed outside the woman’s body in a controlled environment. It is kept in the petri dish till the embryo is not formed. Once the embryo is formed, it is placed back into the woman’s reproductive tract and after this, the woman can become pregnant.

Why Is It Essential?

Here are some of the reasons, when it is given:

  • In case the fallopian tubes are damaged.
  • In case there is an ovulation issue which means the women’s eggs are not released on time. Due to this, fertilization is not possible.
  • In case of the premature ovulation
  • The patient with Endometriosis.

You should talk to the fertility expert and she can tell you better how the treatment will boost the conception chances

What Are The Steps Involved In Test Tube Baby?

If we compare the treatment when it was given for the first time, the treatment has evolved a lot. The infertile couple will have increased chances of conception. Given below are the steps which are included in the treatment.

Step 1: Egg production with hormone therapy
The treatment begins by giving women some hormones like Gonadotropins and GnRHa. It is suggested to the women as it boosts the number of eggs present in the ovaries. Once, the hormone is injected, it is going to get mature within 3 hours.

Step 2: Eggs received from the ovary
Once the eggs are matured, they will be fetched from the ovaries. During the retrieval, it results in slight discomfort, and the woman is given anesthesia. Through the assistance of Ultrasound, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries. Following the retrieval, the eggs are taken to the lab.

Step 3: Sperm sample is provided
On the same day of egg retrieval, the semen sample is taken and it is kept with the egg to boost the conception chances. In case, the male partner is diagnosed with infertility then the doctor will use ICSI/IVF.

Step 4: Eggs and sperm combined for fertilization
The next step is fertilization. This is done by combining the sperm and egg in a petri dish. It is kept inside a controlled environment i.e. incubator. During the entire time, the doctor will keep a check on the fertilization.

Step 5: Embryo Development
After this, the embryo is formed. The embryologist is going to keep a close check on the embryo’s growth. After 5 days, the embryo is placed back to the women’s reproductive tract. Ideally, it is suggested to transfer one embryo at a time to boost the conception chances.

What Are The Factors Which Help To Decide On The Treatment?

  • Patients Age : The treatment success rate is higher as compared to other fertility treatments. Although the patient above the age of 40 will have reduced fertility.
  • Embryo Quality : The embryo quality will make a lot of difference in the treatment success. In case, the embryo has a genetic and chromosomal issue then the treatment results will not be the same as you expect them to be.
  • Ovarian Response : If the ovaries are not able to react correctly to the medication, then multiple eggs won’t be produced which affects the conception chances.
  • Implantation Issue : Around 50% of the cases will have issues conceiving because of implantation issues. The embryo is not able to grow properly or the process stops in between.
    For more information about the treatment, get in touch with our fertility expert  at best IVF Centre in Punjab and get a customized treatment plan which is dependent on your condition.

IVF treatment is the best option for women who suffer from fertility problems. In modern technology, specialized doctors collect the eggs from ovaries and combine sperm in the lab in this process called IVF. After fertilized eggs, they transfer to the uterus. Sometimes, women get pregnant. If you are 30 years old and still not pregnant, visit the best IVF centre in Ludhiana.