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What Is Male Infertility?

Male Infertility Treatment in Punjab
Inability of male to make pregnant to fertile women is known as the male infertility. In earlier days infertility used to be connected with the women but the recent studies have shown that male can also be responsible for the pregnancy failure and even data has been given by various researches that on average basis Out of 10 cases of infertility 4 cases are due to the male infertility issues.
For enhancing the chances of successful pregnancy there s need to consider fertility in both male and female as it can be problem for both. However the males show reluctant behavior for infertility advice for them but there is need to understand the problem and its causes for conception.
In males there can be various causes for infertility such as disturbance in their hormone level, stress, depression, and lack of nutrition, exposure to chemicals, drug abuse, smoking, alcoholism and many more. All these factors are either physical or psychological that contribute in the infertility problem in males. Apart from these there can be some medical causes of infertility like damage of testicles, problem in production of sperms.
What is male infertility?"

Types Of Male Infertility

All above causes alone or in combined form can create the various types of infertility in males as follows:

  • Asthenospermia
    When males suffer from the reduced motility of sperms then in medical terms it is known as Asthenospermia. In this condition sperm quality get reduced so result in the infertility in males. In this type of problem male sperms fail to reach to egg or to penetrate it for fertilization.
  • Azoospermia
    It is the type of infertility in which males have no or less sperm count. In medical terms males that have not measurable level of sperms in the semen are suffering from Azoospermia. This condition can be seen in 20% infertile males but even after this condition males can enjoy fatherhood of their own genetic baby with ICSI technique combined with IVF treatment.
  • Oligospermia
    When the males have low concentration of sperm during the ejaculation then it is the Oligospermia type of male infertility. In this condition along with low concentration sperm abnormalities are also present in semen related to morphology and motility that can lead to failure of sperm to penetrate female egg.
  • Teratospermia
    When males have abnormalities in the sperms like abnormal morphology then it is called Teratospermia condition of male infertility.
Causes Of Low Sperm Count

There are number of factors which could be responsible for male infertility but in almost half the number of patients no cause will be found for low semen report.

1. Male Infertility problems
2. Blockage in sperm tube
3. Testicular injury and disease
4. Disorder in sperms
5. Genetic disorder
6. Problem with ejaculation
7. Hormonal problems
8. General medical disorders which reduce fertility
9. Drugs that reduce fertility
10. Environmental radiation

Types Of Male Infertility

Ejaculation Problem: Ejaculation duct prevents sperm from getting into ejaculate fluid. Its called blocage in ejaculatory duct.

Sperm count: low sperm count is also another problem of infertilities. motility of sperm, abnormal shape sperm, sperm not able to fertilize parent eggs.

Anti- sperm antibodies: Your body can produce antibodies that lower motility or destroy your sperm. This happens in commonly after vasectomy’s.

Sperm don’t move quickly enough: Sperm die before reach at the egg.

Sperm That are not formed correctly: so Sperms not formed correctly.

No sperm: Nil sperm count

Undescended testicles : Some males during fetal development one or both testicles fails to descend from bally into the sac which mainly contains testicles.

Infection: One another cause is infarction in sperm production or not produce a good sperm or healthy sperm.

Cancers and tumors affect to a male reproduction organ directly such as the pituitary gland.

Seminal Fluid thick: sperm can’t move around.

Varicocele: A varicocele is a swelling on the veins that drain the testicle. Its one of the most common reversible cause of male IVF.

Prior Surgeries: Some kind of surgeries also a cause of infertility or it may prevent having sperm in your ejaculate.

Celiac disease: A digestive disorder cause by sensitivity disease.

Problem in Sexual Intercourse: Troubles for sex, premature ejaculation, pain-full intercourse, anatomical abnormalities.

Chromosome defects: In this case male is born with two x chromosomes and y chromosome cause abnormal development reproductive organs.

Sperm duct defect: Tubes carry sperm which can be damaged by illness.

Hormonal Imbalance: Infertility issues of hormonal imbalance problem in hormonal system, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands.

Non Endocrine Effects:

  • Nutrition = Protein , Vitamin E & B Complex deficiency.
  • Smoking = Significant abnormal decreased motility in sperm counts have been found in smokers as opposed to non smokers.
  • Alcohol = Decreased sperm production has been demonstrated in chronic alcoholism.
  • Heat = Excess heat is one of the common well accepted element known to adversely known to adversely affect spermatogenesis.

Men whose occupation involves long hours of sitting e.g. Taxi driver, Truck driver , travelling salesmen, business executives may develop excess Scrotal heat & show impaired spermatogenesis.

Endocrime causes : These causes are rare are are present in approximately 20 % of all infertile men These are tumor or cryst or destruction of pituitary tissue, thyroid deficiency, congenital adrnal hyperplasyia, hyperprolactinemia.

Genetic causes : True hermaphroditism, gonadal dysgenesis , klinefelter syndrom.

Varicocele : Infective Pathology:- e.g. in Viral orchitis , gonococcal & tuberculous infection, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis.

Metabolic Disorder : e.g. Diabetes.

Block : Any obstruction in the passage of sperms gives rise to infertility.

Testicular Causes : e.g. Sertoli cell only syndrome.

Immunological Causes:

Physical & Chemical agents : Spermato genisis can be affected by chemotherapy, anti-depressant, anti-malarial, anti- hypertensive medication.

Sperm bank : Sperm banks, otherwise called cryobanks, are offices that offer answers for male barrenness. Sperm banks gather and store sperm and offer andrology research facility administrations, for example,  semen dissection solidified contributor sperm administrations and long haul sperm stockpiling.

Non Endocrine Effects:

Evaluation Of Males To Find The Fertility Reason

The evaluations for male type infertility help finding which of the following processes are weaken.
Normal physical test- It includes testing of man’s genital organs and questions about his medical background, sickness and disability.

  1. Semen Evaluation– It is an essential analysis performed on a male. A few questions will be asked by your physician about semen samples. Semen is normally received by masturbating or by interfering sexual activity and collecting semen.
  2. Testing Hormone: A blood test is performed to check the testosterone levels and other male hormones.
  3. Doppler test of testis: The Doppler testing of testis and Trans rectal Ultrasound that allows your physician to observe the conditions for example retrograde ejaculation and ejaculatory duct problem.


Because male type infertility is also a significant factor that prevents a female’s potential to get pregnant. There can be several causes of losing fertility in men over the time that need to be treated so you should take a physician assistance who can improve your fertility. So if you experience problems in becoming parents after making several efforts, do not forget to contact your doctor who will recommend an effective treatment. Both male and female should undergo evaluations of their fertility potential every year. some males have other sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and many others only sexologist in India can provide them better answer for these questions.