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IVF Cost Punjab

IVF treatment cost in Ludhiana, Punjab is based on the internal complications of male and female like as we all know that the quality of Egg and sperm is the most vital thing to make an Embryo, If the egg of woman is poor or damaged and the quality of the sperm is not good then a couple prefers IVF treatment. IVF treatment is available at an affordable cost in India because Indians value children the most.
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Cost Of IVF & Infertility Treatment In India

I.U.I I.V.F/ICSI + Drugs (Approx Rs. 60k – 80k) Laser Assisted Hatching Blasto cyst Culture Transfer Embryo Prevention Frozen Embryo Transfer Tesa Sperm Preserve Donor Sperm Donor Egg Donor Embryo
Rs15000 Rs 50000 Rs 15000 Rs15000 Rs 25000 + 5000 (Every Year)Y Rs 25000 ivf Rs 15000 Rs 5000 Rs10000 Rs35000 Rs45000
Cost of IVF treatment in Punjab also depends upon the ICSI and IMSI. For further details you can call at 8847244122

IVF Is The Recommended Treatment For Patients With Various Fertility Issues:

  1. Damaged fallopian tubes – The IVF eggs are collected from the ovary, fertilized and implanted into the uterus, hence preventing the need for fallopian tubes.
  2. A small number of sperms – Eggs and sperms are combined in the laboratory, the sperms fertilize the egg and then it is directly placed into the mother’s womb.
  3. Undetermined infertility – When the reason for infertility is unknown, IVF is the recommended solution.

What Does The Process Include?

To determine the IVF treatment cost in Punjab there are some other factors in the process. We need to look at the IVF process as follows:

IVF includes several procedures that start with medicines to develop many healthy eggs. A patient receives routine hormone injections for around 12 days. These injections stimulate the ovaries and release several mature eggs that are produced by fertility drugs.

While IVF can be an excellent solution, it is essential to choose this treatment after understanding it. So you should get detailed information about this procedure. Discuss the cost of IVF elements as well at each step with yourinfertility specialist

IVF needs physical and emotional strength. It is an outstanding procedure to conceive however, it is a complicated and invasive process that can pose stress on a patient’s body. The treatment cycle takes around 2 weeks to complete and needs you to visit the fertility clinic for few times.

At Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital, you will receive great care while the procedure is going on. The couple receives sensible counselling which is an essential step that is followed before, during and after the treatment.

Sometimes fertility problems make a relationship unstable and it becomes hard for some couples to handle it. People usually try several cycles but they do not succeed. A relationship can be protected by choosing IVF, the couple must support each other in the whole treatment and also, they receive essential help from their physician when required.

Comparison Of IVF Cost Between India And Other Countries

Meanwhile, at our centre, the IVF treatment cost in India is much affordable.
IVF cost in India USA (Plan) Europe Singapore Canada
75K to 1.50 Lakh $12,400 £ 2000 to 4000 $ 12000 to 15000 $ 10,000 to 15000

IVF Risks: the risks of IVF are too low. Sometimes chances of multiple births are noticed in women undergoing this technique. But there is no risk evolved in any type of blood loss or any infection. But if the real high-quality single embryo is placed in the uterus of a woman then the chance of multiple pregnancies can be done away. The recovery time of this test is almost none. The blastocyst test is used to test the best embryo.

IVF Success: the success of this technique depends to a large extent on the age and health of a woman and the quality of her eggs. Evidence are there at our centre that women between 40- 60 years are able to give live birth rate using IVF technique. Along with the IVF success rate, the infertile couple does consider factor of the Low Cost IVF in Punjab & the expertise of the best fertility doctor.

Infertility Treatment And IVF Cost At Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre

Why wander without hope? Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital provides the best low cost infertility treatments in India for infertile couples with the principal aim of helping you make a family.

How Much Does IVF & Infertility Treatment Cost At Sofat

Sofat Infertility Clinic offers friendly packages regarding different treatment plans and above all IVF Treatment. Mainly, the cost depends on the following;
1. Whether you are covered under insurance or not
2. Whether it is one treatment cycle or multiple
3. The treatment procedures to undertake (laparoscopy, Ultrasounds and blood tests)

A General View of the IVF Cost at the leading Infertility clinic

Single IVF Treatment Cost (Plan) Multiple IVF Treatment Cost (Plan) Advanced Technology Required For Single OR Multiple IVF Plans
Between $ 8000 & $15,000 Between $ 17,000 & $ 25,000 From $ 24,000 & Above

Why Choose Sofat Infertility Clinic?

  • Offers the best IVF and Infertility Packages
  • An advanced and world Class Infertility Clinic
  • High Success Rate for IVF treatment cycles
  • Safer Pregnancies and Healthy babies
  • Seasonal Discounts
  • Friendly and low cost Test Tube baby treatment centre in Punjab yet high yielding.
  • Provides various Infertility treatments such as IUI, ICSI, GIFT, Donor sperms, embryo hatching and so on

Best IVF And Generally Friendly Infertility Treatment Cost At Sofat Infertility Clinic

Expenses Categorized As Below:

  • Expenses on genetic testing:

Genetic testing expenses are the expenses which are incurred on the screening of the child for future references.

  • Expenses on Semen analysis

Analyzing of the semen also bears certain expenses. Semen analysis is basically done for knowing male infertility.

  • Fertility drugs

Expenses on the drugs given for the purpose of gaining fertility also add on to this cost. Before undergoing IVF procedure the doctors first try to improve fertility conditions by the use of drugs and medicines. If fertility is gained with the help of these drugs, then the person does not need to spend on IVF. So the cost of expenses of these drugs also added.\

  • Intrauterine insemination

This is a procedure in which the sperm is inserted into the uterus, this is known as intrauterine insemination. The cost that has to be spent on this is also added to the expenses.

  • In vitro fertilization of IVF

This is the process in which the fertilization occurs outside the body and then the embryo is transferred inside the uterus. Such a process is known as in vitro fertilization. This is also a part of infertility treatments. The cost of this treatment also adds up to the infertility treatment costs.

  • Frozen embryo transfer

In some cases, the embryo is frozen and then transferred into the uterus, since this is also a part of infertility treatment, so the cost of frozen embryo transfer is also added.

  • Assisted reproductive treatment

Any type of infertility treatment which is done outside the body and then transferred into the body is assisted reproductive technology or treatment. The cost of this is also added to the cost of infertility treatments.

Since the persons who are facing the problem of infertility how to undergo through a number of steps and phases, so the cost of infertility treatments is affected by all these steps the person has to undergo.