1 to 3 Months Pregnancy Period – Baby Growth & Development

1 to 3 Months Pregnant - 1st Trimester Baby Growth & Development


The mother has to undergo a lot of changes when she gets pregnant. However, some couples face a lot of problem in conceiving. Opting for IVF may be one of the best decisions for such couples. Having a test tube baby in Punjab is now a possibility with the advancement of many clinics throughout the country.

The first month

The amniotic sac develops around the fertilized egg. It forms a cushion around the baby and keeps it protected throughout the pregnancy. This is the time when the placenta also develops. During this time the mouth, lower jaw and throat of the baby start developing. The face formation also occurs along with the formation of dark circles for the eyes.

The second month of pregnancy

In this phase, the facial features of the baby start developing. The skin starts folding at the point where the ears are to form. On the sides of the body, tiny buds can be seen which will form the hands and the legs. One can see the formation of eyes, fingers, and toes also. The neural tube, which contains the brain, spinal cord, and neural tissues, is well-formed by this time. The sensory organs and the digestive tract also start developing in this phase. The cartilage is replaced by the bones and the embryo starts showing movement. The weight of the fetus by the end of the second month is around 9.4 grams and measures 1 inch long.

Third month of pregnancy

By the time the third month ends, the baby is fully formed with the arms, hands, legs, fingers, feet, and toes. The fetus can close and open its fists. One can see the formation of the external ear, fingernails, and toenails. The baby’s teeth roots also begin forming during this phase. The baby’s’ reproductive organs start developing although it is difficult to determine the gender of the baby with an ultrasound. The liver starts functioning and producing bile. The circulatory and urinary system of the baby also starts working. The baby measures 3-4 inches long and weighs 28g. This phase marks the critical development of the baby; therefore, the chances of the woman having a miscarriage reduce greatly after the first trimester.