10 Ways To Boost Up Fertility

10 fertility tips

There is drastic increase in the fertility problems these days which leads to disappointment in couple. With the ratio of 1:6 couples find problems in having babies and sometimes pregnancies end with the miscarriage due to fertility problems.

There for our expert Dr.Sumita Sofat who is specialized in treating infertility problems always provide some tips to boost up fertility of couple so they may conceive and make their dream come true.

Here are 10 simple but important ways to increase fertility

  1. Keep check on beverages

Excess consumption of any potent drink can adversely affect your body as well as fertility. For instance of you are taking two or more alcoholic drinks a day then your fertility may decrease up to 60% so it is advisable to have moderate drinks.

  1. Avoid smoking

If you or your partner is having habit of smoking then as it is also harmful for health can cause many problems similarly over smoking can affect fertility so it is good to avoid smoking for both men and women

  1. Have frequent sex

After sex body produces several fertility boosting hormones so having sex frequently can improve fertility. As it has been observed that having sex with the gap of more than 7 days can affect sperm counts so it is advisable to have sex with maximum gap of one or two days.

  1. Be cognitive while using lubricants

If you are using some vagina lubricants while sex then also need to be aware as some lubricants can be harmful for the sex organs and decrease your fertility. So it is advisable by the experts of Sofat Infertility Clinic to avoid products that has permicidal agents

  1. Keep eye for fertile window

To maximize your chances of conceiving it is mandatory to keep eye on the fertility window that ends with the ovulation. So it is recommended to the couple to have sex before three days of end of this period. You may keep record of your regular menstrual cycles in a diary to know about your fertility window

  1. Manage over weight

Women who are overweight have fewer tendencies to get pregnant as obesity can cause various health problems including hormonal imbalance so weight should be controlled to boost up your chances of getting pregnant.

  1. Protect sperms

Sperms are also limited like women’s eggs so it must be protected to increase chances of pregnancy. Bad lifestyle and eating habits of males can affect the quality, measure and mobility of sperms so that lead to infertility in males.

  1. Avoid exposure to pesticides and chemicals

For both men and women exposure to pesticides and chemicals can be harmful as it can be proved fatal for the sperms and fertile eggs and even it can adversely affect to reproductive organs

  1. Proper diet

Proper and nutritious diet can boost up your fertility level as good diet can be beneficial for getting pregnant and healthy baby so you must take care of your diet plan and habits.

  1. Supplements

There are number of supplements that can boost up fertility level in both men and women as these can be effective to cure imbalance of hormones. But supplements must be taken after the advice of your doctor.