3 Myths About Fertility Awareness That You Have Accepted As Truth

3 Myths About Fertility Awareness That You Have Accepted As Truth

Do you actually know fertility awareness? If yes then are you away from the myths of I think that is supposed to be with you from adolescence stage and you are taking them as part of fertility awareness. If you are believing the old rhythms about knowing your periods, ovulation then I am sorry to say you are not having fertility awareness.

Here are three old myths to which you are taking as part of fertility awareness

An app can predict your fertility window

If you are also app user to know your fertility days then you are not aware of fertility but is following some rhythms of old times. These apps only predict your fertility chart on the basis of average length of your cycle but in reality, this length cannot remain fixed due to various reasons. For instance, if you have taken any pill then you cannot think about regular periods at least for 6 coming months due to your hormone changes.

If you are chasing your fertile window which is predicted by your app then you can not exactly know about your happening or not happening day as you are only paying attention to the days calculated by your app, not on the days when cervical mucus coming out which is actual and reliable sign of your fertility. If you are not paying attention to the signs of your body like mucus patterns or your body temperature patterns then you are not aware of fertility you are just supposing to have some awareness which is not more than any rhythm based myth.

You know the day of ovulationYou know the day of ovulation

If you know the day of your ovulation then you are completely out of track from the awareness as in reality there is nothing anyway to predict your ovulation with 100% assurance. If you believe in the fact that you can know the day when you will ovulate then it is the biggest myth about fertility awareness as in reality you could not predict t day of your ovulation. You can just know your fertile or unfertile days on the basis of your body signs like body temperature or mucus patterns. Your this rhythmic behavior of believing on ‘what you are supposing to happen’ instead of what is happening can mess your day of conception. As your fertile days can change according to happening changes in the cycle not according to app-based calculated days.

You know the day when your cycle is supposed to start

If you know the starting day of your cycle then you are far away from the fertility awareness as in reality you cannot predict the starting day of your periods as you must know that illness, travelling or some type of stress can make your cycle irregular so stop walking according to the way shown by some old rhythms believe in reality of fertility window

You can become fertility aware if you believe on what is happening rather than what you are supposed to happen for instance

  • If you are optimizing the days on which you are fertile rather than predicting your ovulating day
  • If you are noticing the reliable signs of your body rather than believing on any app

•    If you are aware that due to unknown reasons your cycle can get irregular then you are on the track of awareness.