6 Important stages in the IVF Process: That You Must Know Much Before

_6 stage IVF process

In this blog post, we are going to make you acquainted with the process that is carried out at the IVF centre in Punjab. IVF is one of the multi-stage processes in which each stage is crucial. Are you ready to know, which are those stages and what is their importance?

Initial consultation

When you will approach the fertility clinic in Ludhiana, they will, first of all, carry out the initial consultation in which both the partners will be asked a few questions:

  • For how long have you been trying to get pregnant?
  • Is the female partner undergoing the regular menstrual cycle?
  • Which sex position are they following to get pregnant?
  • Is the male partner-facing any difficulty ejaculating?

6 Stage IVF Process

Ovarian Stimulation – To produce good quality eggs

To stimulate the ovaries means to trigger the ovaries for producing good quality eggs. Since two elements are extremely critical for fertilisation and those are – eggs and sperms. So both of these elements need to have great characteristics.

The doctors trigger the ovaries by injecting them with hormonal and other kinds of medications.

Egg and Sperm Retrieval – Best sperms are chosen for the sperms

Once the first stage is accomplished, then it comes to the next stage which is about retrieving the best sperms from the semen sample and the eggs from the ovaries.

Did you know?

When the semen sample of the male is to be obtained, then he is asked not to engage in intercourse for about three to four days, as by doing this the quality of the sperm will deteriorate.

Fertilisation – When Sperm Meets Egg

It is the most crucial phase in which the eggs are to react with the sperms. And when that happens, then that process is known as fertilisation. It is the process where the traits of the sperms meet with the traits of the eggs.

The Incubation Period – The Prepared Embryo Is Carefully Watched

It is the process in which the prepared embryo is observed by the fertility specialists for the required period and that is usually 4 to 5 days. Once it is found out that the embryo thought for the implantation is having all the required characteristics, then the next phase will be aimed at.

Did you know?

When it’s about the implantation, then not only the embryo is aimed at. Rather the multiple embryos are fertilised and the one which is best among all is considered for the next stage.

The Embryo Implantation – The Embryo Is Attached To The Uterine Lining

This stage, as it is clear, is the termination stage of the entire procedure which requires you to be very careful about what you are eating and doing since this stage aims at implanting the uterus in the womb.

Testing – It Will Determine Whether The Procedure Is Successful

This is the decisive stage in which it will be decided whether the embryo implantation has been undergone successfully or not.

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