6 Most-Important factors that help in determining the success rate of IVF

6 Most-Important factors that help in determining the success rate of IVF

IVF procedure is the number one fertility procedure nowadays which has been trusted by many couples when they are unable to conceive. For this reason, an IVF centre in Punjab is bringing about new technological advancements along with the modified techniques to carry out the procedure. But if the readers are worried about IVF cost, then they should not be because we have always made sure that cost is suitable for all groups of people. We guess that this is the main reason that people are believing in our treatment procedures.

In the below-mentioned information, we shall be discussing the aspects which can produce significant aspects on the results of the IVF.

  • Age factor

Most of the cases of infertility pop up because of the reason that couples are not ready to become parents at that early age. Whenever their reproductive age is at the edge of getting faded away, they are inclined to do the family planning. But in the rarest cases, the couples can conceive at the verge of reproductive age. So age is the factor that is worth mentioning as far as the factors affecting infertility is concerned. The success rate is also dependent on such factors.

  • Live birth retrieval

If you are well acquainted with the IVF procedure, then you must be knowing how important the role of Live birth plays in determining the success rate of the IVF procedure. The impactful rate of Live birth keeps on going down as the age keeps on increasing.

  • Eggs you are using

We all know that IVF treatment is so advanced that one can conceive even with the help of the web which was extracted a time ago and was frozen to make use in the future. If you are using fresh eggs, that will have its impact that is quintessentially different as compared to the frozen eggs.

  • Number of cycles

Owing to numerous conditions, sometimes the first cycle of IVF is not able enough to come up with successful results. In those cases, there is a need to undergo the second cycle of IVF. The success rate of the first cycle is different as compared to the second cycle.

  • Height and weight

Height And weight do not only cause an impact on the physical appearance of the individual. They do produce a considerable effect on the reproductive abilities of the woman. If a woman is either over and underweight, then the chances are high that she might be suffering from infertility. Even if she is not facing any problem with the whole conception, then she will not be able to take the pregnancy to the end.

  • Number of pregnancies

The number of times the woman has conceived or delivered before is one of the success rate-determining factors in which the gynaecologist takes quintessential care while individualizing the treatment plan.

Bottom Line

If you are the one who is also searching for the required information about IVF, then you should contact us. We shall help you provide the best suitable information.