6 Things to Consider Women Who Going through the process of IVF

Things to be Consider While going through the IVF process

Dealing with infertility is bad enough. Going through the process of IVF is equally taxing. So we decided to ease the path a bit for you. Having a test tube baby in India is not difficult as there are many IVF centers here. Women who are on the threshold of IVF want the world to know the following truths

1. We are told to relax, but that’s next to impossible

The emotional and financial stress does not help matters either. We know that it is essential to stay relaxed but at the same time very difficult

2. Don’t equate a bloated belly with the good news

Our body is stimulated by medicines to produce multiple eggs so that they can be extracted and be used for multiple embryo formation. The abdomen becomes bloated in the process. People should not go mad asking the lady whether the cycle succeeded. Have some patience with us.

3. It costs a bomb

Yes, it is an expensive process, which is not covered by the insurance companies either. If we consider the cost of medications along with the PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and PGS (preimplantation genetic screening), it will amount to an additional cost of $20,000. The total amount may be phenomenal for a majority of the population. We advise the people not to be so inconsiderate as to shrug off the price of becoming parents through ART.

4. Don’t expect us to be available socially at all occasions

You might invite us to your social dos. However, don’t expect us to be there on every occasion. We have to follow a certain schedule once we are under the IVF cycle. Our days are full of appointments with the doctor and loads of medicines. We also have to deal with stocking up our refrigerator with needles and medicines. We have to collect our biomedical waste in containers. Life is not easy for us during this phase.

5. Not all want adoption

While many of us may consider adopting as the easier way out, it might not be everyone’s favorite option. It’s not as easy as adopting a puppy and moving on with life. There are a lot of legal and financial hassles in the adoption process. The time taking process may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Please, be gracious enough to let us take our personal decisions.

6. We want emotional support

Although we are dealing with the most difficult phase of our lives, it does not mean that we don’t want to be our natural selves. We are as much interested in funny videos, online shopping, and humor. If you intend to connect with us in such ways, you are most welcome. We will be grateful for that. We need warmth, connection, and support during the tough phases of the IVF Treatment.