7 Excellent Methods for Losing Weight in case of PCOS

7 Excellent Methods for Losing Weight in case of PCOS

Due to sudden and escalated hormonal disorders, many women have become a prey for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). The hormonal disorder is associated with a series of factors with a major risk of infertility.

Being overweight may not only present a major issue of infertility, but it will also increase your risk for diabetes and heart disease. Women with a Body Mass Index above 25 must consider altering their dietary approaches because of the increased risk of infertility and other health issues.

Your age is the baseline for evaluating your BMI and in case you fall under the reproductive age, your chances of infertility may be affected. PCOS in overweight or obese women normally cause different symptoms and effects such as increased blood sugars because of the unchecked consumption of high-calorie foods, fast foods, and sugary/processed foods

Here are the possible ways to cut down that weight

  1. Healthy Meals

To lose weight, many women opt for dietary changes as the immediate solution, but these unprofessional dietary changes are some of the major reasons for related health issues. Recent studies indicate that improper diets are linked to stroke and heart risk and death in people with coronary artery disease.

Your healthy eating planning should consist of avocados, olive oil, avocados, nuts, green tea, and yoghurt. A low-calorie diet and a low-glycemic-index diet are basically excellent to cut down your sugars

2. Regular Friendly Exercises

When it comes to losing weight in women with PCOS, simple exercises rather than stressing yourself with 5-hour exercises could increase insulin resistance. Focus on your behaviors during your course of PCOS treatment rather than relying on a strict diet and vigorous exercises

3. Escape from stress

The modern world is truly stressful, but you have to try as much as possible to escape from stress or reduce it. Try to associate with friends rather than being alone and share your problems for better solutions if necessary

4. Meditation & Yoga

These are some of the simplest and healthy exercises you can perform. Meditation helps relieve the brain from the whole day’s stress and empty it from the workload.

Opt for quiet places with interesting views to re-fill your body with energy and positive thoughts

5. Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation and a sedentary life are the major causes of weight in the modern era. The fertility expert at Sofat Infertility centre recommends every woman to sleep for at least seven to nine hours on a regular basis. Follow your sleeping schedule

Experts indicate that being obese or overweight increases one’s risk for sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes

6. What about a Bariatric Surgery

In case of excess weight, a weight loss surgery can be considered. PCOS candidates with a BMI above 40 can seriously opt for the surgery as well as those who may fall in the range of 35 to 40 if necessary

This surgery is effective in eliminating abdominal fat, which is associated with various health issues

7. Carbs are still required

It is common for women with PCOS to crave for carbs and dismissing all carbs in your diet may increase the cravings. Select foods with less carbs such as brown rice, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables

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