7 Main Causes of Male Infertility in India

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When the male is incapable of making the women fertile, due to some deficiencies in the semen is called as state of the infertility. It is not the disease or ailment, but is the condition that occurs due to certain factors.

Sedentary lifestyle has affected the both men and female. The addiction of the smoking, more eating of junk food and increased stress level are the sources of the hormonal imbalances in the human body. This badly impacts the man’s and women’s infertility.

When we discuss about the infertility in men, there are factors like smoking, eating fast food, drinking alcohol, poor sleep and inadequate exercise are the cause of the infertility.

Causes of infertility in male

The main and the crucial cause of infertility in men are low sperm count and the deficiency of the mature sperms. The infertility in men is rising 5%every year. The problem of infertility is getting crucial day by day. Men feel embarrassed due to this problem. Following are the causes of the infertility in males

1Daibetes: This is the main cause of increasing infertility rate in the men. Research shows that 31% of the men, who are suffering from the diabetes, also suffer from the infertility. The excessive amount of the sugar destructs the production of the sperms. As a result, there may be low sperm count.

2. Physical damage of the male reproductive organ: This damages the nerves and arteries in the pennies. This result in permanent damage to produce the offspring. The physical damage of the male reproductive system makes the man infertile.

3. Blood pressure: Blood pressure is the major cause of the destruction of the blood flow in the body. Nutrient supply is dependent upon the blood. When the blood supply is disturbed then nutrient supply automatically disturbed. It means insufficient amount of the nutrients reach to the sperm production unit. This result in production of immature sperms and the male suffer with the infertility problem.

4. Heart problems: Cardiovascular health problems and infertility problems are interlinked. if your heart is healthy then your body will function properly. If you are suffering with cardiovascular health problems, then the working of the male reproductive organ will definitely effects.

5. Obesity: The infertility in men is closely related with the obesity. The sperm production is adversely affected with the excessive amount of the fat. Excessive weight gain makes the person incapable to enjoy the sexual pleasure.

6. Erectile dysfunction: It is the abnormal functioning of the male reproductive organ. It is the stage when men fail to attain the erection. If the blood supply is irregular then it will definitely effect the sperm production. Dr. Sumita Sofat provides the best infertility treatment in India.

7. Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance occurs when the testosterone in the body is low. Sperm production is dependent upon the amount of the testosterone in the body. It acts as the crucial nutrient supplier in the sperm production.

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