9 Problems a Female Faces During Her Pregnancy

9 Problems a Female Faces During Her Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special and the most exciting time in female’s life but a woman faces such problems during this time which are common to every woman of the world. You should consult your doctor whenever you feel discomfort, because in all over the India there are so many fertility specialist doctors, but only a few people know them and the rest them consult local doctor for their problems because they cannot afford them.

There are 9 main problems which are common during pregnancy in every woman-:

  • Feeling very hot-:

You may feel hot, too flushed, and uncomfortable all the time even during weather change . It is a normal and common problem in all the pregnant women. The change in your hormone level is solely responsible for the extreme increase of body heat.

  • Constipation-:

You should add more liquid to your diet during these days because it gives you energy and increases your metabolism. Opt for drinks such as coconut water, fresh fruit juice, and milkshakes. These are helpful to get relief from constipation.

  • Itching-:

It is the most seen problem during pregnancy. Your body is pumping a higher amount of blood to your skin. Due to this, your skin starts itching.When you reached the third trimester, your skin leads to more itching because the pump increases considerably. Little itching is normal but make sure you do not feel severe itching. If it happens then you should contact your doctor.

  • Headache-:

You may experience a headache in the first 3 weeks due to a change in hormones.To get relief from headaches try yoga and meditation at home but make sure you do so under observation and after seeking the advice of your doctor. You should drink at least 8-9 glasses of water in a day during your pregnancy period.

  • Heartburn and Indigestion-:

The hormonal changes during your pregnancy may lead you to indigestion. When your unborn baby grows day by day and your womb expands, it will lead you to a lot of indigestion and heartburn. In this case, you should avoid spicy and oily food. You should eat lighter meals.

  • Feeling Excessively Tired-:

You may feel very tired during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy period.You should take proper rest whenever you feel tired and avoid walking too much during pregnancy.

  • Bleeding In The Gums-:

In your pregnancy period, you may feel a little swelling and pain in your gums. Likewise, you may notice blood while you brush.

  • Vivid, Strange and unexplainable Dreams-:

Many women complain that they see strange, dangerous, and vivid things in a dream during this period. It happens especially when you pregnant first time because you feel confused and the anxious. It only happens due to hormonal changes.

  • Bleeding Through Nose-:

A nosebleed is common and natural in pregnancy but it may make you panic because when you are pregnant your skin tends to get drier than normal days. Another reason changes in levels of hormones.