A guide to knowing about consequences of IVF through 6 topmost FAQs

A guide to knowing about consequences of IVF through 6 topmost FAQs

Before people visit the test tube baby centre in Punjab, they have tons of questions in their mind. In this blog, we shall be answering the topmost commonly asked questions. These questions are attempted to be answered by the expert’s faculty of the Sofat Infertility and woman care clinic, the best IVF Centre in Punjab.


  • Is IVF difficult?

We cannot deem IVF procedures difficult from the doctor’s point of view. Since it is a procedure that requires the precision and consciousness of both the doctors and the patients.

It can surely be stressful for the female’s body and may cause heavy on the emotional balance of the couple. But still, as long as the results are beautiful, the struggle is worth it. There are so many people out there who failed to conceive in the first cycle and did require two to three cycles. We all can imagine how difficult it would be for them to deal with the failure, but eventually, each one of them comes out being happily blessed with beautiful children.

  • How bad are the IVF injections?

As far as the pain is concerned, then it completely depends. As for some people, injections are not even a matter while for others it is such a giant thing. But the injections are never useless and they are never injected for no purpose. Each injection is important since it is associated with some critical stage.

Usually, it is the case with the females that they are scared of the injections. In those cases, we have suggested their partners hold their hand tightly so that the discomfort could be lessened.

  • Does insurance pay for IVF?

It particularly depends on the Insurance company which you have approached for seeking financial help. The insurance company has limited them by helping the patients to some extent.

For example, some companies provide insurance coverage for only initial consultation and diagnosis while others pay for the entire procedure.

  • Can you have twins after 1 embryo transfer?

You can surely have twins after one embryo transfer since when embryos implanted in the uterus, if it undergoes the zygotic splitting, then that single embryo divides into twos and threes which may lead you to have twins and triplets respectively.

  • Which drugs can I take to have twins?

Two kinds of drugs which are as below are known to be contributing to the twins:

  • Clomiphene

  • Gonadotrophins

It is relevant to inform you that clomiphene is the kind of medication that you can only avail of after getting a prescription from the doctor.

How common are twins with IVF?

The commonality can be judged based on age.



Under 35


25 to 37


38 to 40


Bottom Line

It is hoped that after reading this blog all your queries will be resolved. If you still have some query, then please drop us a message or an email.