A Simple Guide to Early Pregnancy Detection in IVF

Self-care Guide For A Healthy IVF Pregnancy - Dr. Sumita Sofat

Nowadays, many techniques are developed for treating reproductive issues. IVF treatment is one of these. This treatment is used for couples who do not naturally conceive. This treatment helps women get pregnant and give a healthy birth. IVF treatment has multiple processes that do take time and will need some patience. If you or your partner are struggling with fertility, get proper treatment from the finest IVF Centre in Punjab, which will help you to have a healthy child. 

IVF, known as In Vitro Fertilization. It is a modern way to help women to get pregnant. This technique is used when women fail to get pregnant naturally. This advanced technique helps women get pregnant easily, but this treatment has many processes. Doctors first check the body and understand the causes of infertility, and after this, they provide treatment. Doctors collect eggs from a woman and combine them with sperm in the lab. When eggs fertilize, doctors transform the woman’s uterus. It takes time to get pregnant.  

You can wait two weeks. 

When you undergo IVF treatment, you can wait for two weeks. When doctors transform the embryo, it can take time to stick to your body. Before two weeks, you should not consider checking the urine pregnancy test. If you do, it can cause miscarriage. Because this time, hormone levels can vary in pregnancy.

Measure hormonal levels in early pregnancy. 

When you do a pregnancy test, experts evaluate the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ( HCG) hormone. When experts transfer embryos into a woman’s uterus, the women’s bodies start producing this type of hormone. So, it is important to maintain hormone levels. When this production increases, it can be noticeable. Implantation can happen three to eight days after the embryo transfer procedures. It can increase the HCG hormone levels during the process of pregnancy. When your body has a high level of HCG, it is detectable in the blood. It is making it challenging for early pregnancy detection. 

Home pregnancy test 

Numerous couples take home pregnancy tests. In that case, they do not get proper results. It is important to consult with doctors. When you go to the doctors they properly check and monitor the HCG level in the blood so that they confirm you are pregnant. When you talk to experts and complete check-ups, you can get adequate outcomes. If you do it at home, you can get negative results. 

Ultrasound examinations  

When individuals experience multiple IVF failures and then suddenly get pregnant, it is hard for them to trust that they are finally pregnant. In rare cases, low HCG hormone levels can happen in normal pregnancies. And also have a normal delivery. If you are suspect, then you take an ultrasound test for pregnancy. This test helps to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. In rare cases, HCG tests do not give proper results, but ultrasound do give better results.  

When you know whether you are pregnant or not after IVF treatment, it is essential to consult with the expert at the Best IVF Centers in India. When taking IVF treatment, detecting whether you are actually pregnant is a hard process, as you may or may not get the proper result. Blood tests and ultrasound scans give effective results. If you are looking for the finest IVF treatment, visit Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital.

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