A Story Of An Infertile Couple Who Conceive A Baby With IVF After Their 46s

A story of an infertile couple Punjab

In this article, We are going to tell you how a couple conceives a baby with IVF at Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Punjab in the age of 46. Well, 

let’s start with infertility definition.

Infertility is a term, which describes your inability to conceive a baby naturally. This is not only a condition of ladies but also experience by males because of several issues which include age too. If you are struggling to conceive a baby naturally, then you must visit our IVF centre once. We have a team of specialists, who will definitely treat you well. They will recommend you to undergo infertility treatment so that you can conceive a healthy baby without any problems.

Story of a couple

Recently, a couple visited us and their names are Sushma Gulati and Gaurav Gulati. This couple is struggling to conceive a baby for a long time, but they are unable to get success. They said, they try so many things and they visited several doctors, but they are unable to get desired results.

Once they visited their friend’s house casually, and during their talks, her friend asked about family planning. Then a couple said they are unable to conceive a child. Then she recommends them to visit Sofat hospital in Ludhiana once because she also got IVF from us and conceives after her 40s.

And then they visited our clinic very next day and told us their problem. After a long talk about their goals and desires, we recommend them to undergo a physical examination so that we can know or understand why this happens. Once we have done with examination, we find that a lady partner is suffering from ovulation problems and PCOS too. In these conditions, a lady is unable to produce healthy eggs because it results in missing periods as well as hormonal changes too. In addition to this, these conditions make them unable to conceive a baby naturally even after long sexual intercourse.

So, after examination and understanding the condition, we talk to them to tell that a female is suffering from 2 different conditions and you need to undergo In-vitro fertilization. Then we start performing IVF so that they can conceive a baby without any problems.

How they get success with IVF?

Well, she is unable to produce healthy eggs, then we gave her hormone injections so that she can produce healthy eggs. Once she produces healthy eggs, we collect them from her ovaries and stored in a fertility clinic’s lab for fertilization. Then we collect sperm cells from a male partner and then combine them to produce embryos.

At last, when embryos are fully developed we transferred them to the uterus for implantation and conception too. After this, you have to wait some time for conception.

These days, that couple is too happy because they are blessed with a baby girl.