Accidents During Pregnancy that Might Happen!

Accidents during Pregnancy that might happen!

Following the surveys conducted by the popular fertility centers, an injury can create a serious risk for a pregnant lady.

Few of the troubles created by and accident in a pregnancy are as following:

  1. Fetus may experience an extensive hit on head particularly
  2. If car accident happens, the immediate break applied by vehicle can result into a contra-coup injury creating a vast blow. It creates a force on the body part resulting into internal bleeding and rupture.
  3. Affects baby growth rate
  4. More labor complications
  5. Placenta rushed
  6. Increased stress and BP
  7. Mental stress to pregnant lady
  8. Early labor

However woman’s womb offers necessary security to baby and placenta when an immediate impact occurs but quick break application of a vehicle can significantly the placenta from the uterus. It leads to sever issues such as haemorrhage, miscarriage or early delivery. However with an abruption, some symptoms may not appear.

Your condition will be evaluated in the emergency room to determine if your condition is not stable. You will get a complete obstetric exam and ultrasound to determine the condition of fetus and placenta. On the base of fetus age and symptoms, occurred for example bleeding or contractions, mother and baby are evaluated for many hours.

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An excellent way to prevent the above said complications is to quickly contact your physician to receive the essential remedies according to your pregnancy condition. The remedies include medicines and manual labor initiation. Additionally, the pregnancy stage will be consistently and completely evaluated to determine any kind of problem. If you experience any of  these symptoms, contact your doctor or midwife quickly.

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