After 9 Years of the struggle Finally Mano Kumar and Uma Devi Become Parents

After 9 Years of the struggle Finally Mano Kumar and Uma Devi Become Parents

Thanks to Dr. Sofat and her well-trained team members who helped me get out of the unbelievable situation I was going through. My name is Mano Kumar and my wife is called Uma Devi (27). We got married years back and for a period of 9 consecutive years, we had not achieved any pregnancy. We were quite young by the time we got married and that is why we couldn’t understand where the problem was coming from. Our parents never informed us about any of the difficulty they faced in order to conceive and that is why we were puzzled about what was happening to us.

Our parents gave us different treatments mainly herbal for us to conceive but didn’t work out. I and my wife approached different infertility doctors and started taking medications, but all in vain. On a lucky day, we heard about Dr. Sumita Sofat and her infertility Clinic. Influenced by what we heard about her, we also reached out to her for help. We must say that she is different from what we expected her to be. She is qualified and a gentle doctor that a patient would want. We went through many tests and ultrasounds to diagnose what was wrong with both us, especially my wife. My wife had severe PCOS a problem we didn’t expect from her. She had problems with her periods, but thought that it wouldn’t be serious as it turned out to be. She started on treatment for quite some months and at last, we had to undergo different IVF treatment cycles. At last, we were able to get a genetic child of our own and now our home sparkling with laughter each day. Thank you, doctor Sofat.

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