Age, Fertility & Pregnacy: Evaluate yourself

Age, Fertility & Pregnacy: Evaluate yourself

It is observed that women who conceive and bear children in their late teens or early twenties have decreased chances of getting older. I can agree with this, with a fact that my mother is among those women. By the time she had 5 children, many would relate to her as my sister.

Age and fertility have a correlation that many ambitious women may misunderstand and end up struggling with infertility at some point in time because they focused on building their financial life.

To achieve pregnancy, a woman has to produce viable eggs that are fertilized with the sperms. With age, the eggs’ quality reduces hence making it hard for one to conceive.

Many women desire to establish themselves financially, acquire competent positions in their companies, travel around the world, enjoy life to the fullest before embarking on starting a family. The main point is what age are you considering having children?

Environmental pollution, certain medications, stress, depression, hormone imbalances, PIDs, and STDs are factors that can intervene in a woman’s fertility. Therefore, start planning you parenthood as soon as you desire to have children in the future. You can also do this with a fertility expert who is capable of providing the best plan after a good evaluation.

Having a baby in your 30s may be a good idea, and even though it is not every one’s wish, one has to watch out for the following;

  • Miscarriages

  • A baby with Down Syndrome

  • Genetic problems

  • Cesarean sections

  • Complications during and after delivery

  • Ectopic pregnancies

  • Ovulation issues

The above mentioned issues are common in women who choose to have children in their late 30s or 40s. Women who choose to get pregnant during period may require female fertility treatment in India to attain safe and successful pregnancies.

What is the best age to get pregnant?

Fertility experts indicate that there is a drastic in fertility among women aged 30 and 36. Women between 36 to 41 will automatically face various infertility struggles.

Women aged 32 and below have 75% of getting healthy pregnancies as opposed to those above. This excludes women with infertility issues such as Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Endometriosis, PCOS, ovulation problems, and other infertility cases.

Are you waiting to have children? Here are the possible solution

Much as building a brand stable financial foundation for your family is important for you and your child, you can do take immediate action to achieve healthy pregnancies in future;

Talk to your fertility expert

Many women only consider visiting a fertility expert when they decide to get children, which is wrong, especially to those aged above 33. Take fertility tips to prevent future conception issues.

Egg Freezing

You and your Fertility expert may decide to retrieve eggs from your ovary and freeze them until a later date in the future when they are required. This may also apply to the sperms.

Fertility treatments

Of course we all desire to achieve natural pregnancies, but due to infertility cases among women aged 36 and above Assisted Reproductive Technology i.e. IVF, ICSI may be the only option.