Ajaib Singh and Sumit Kaur become Parent – Testimonial

Testimonial of Ajaib Singh

My name is Ajaib Singh and my wife is Sumit Kaur from Rampur Village, Kapurthala Dist. We had been married for over 6 years, but were unable to conceive. We visited different doctors and places for treatment, but all in vain. We used different treatments to see that we get a child at least at last, but everything could not work out

When we heard of Dr. Sumita Sofat and her hospital, we thought of giving it a try because all we wanted was a child. When we met the doctor, it was a turning point that I never knew we could get to because we had passed through a storm to reach this place. She examined us, diagnosed the problem and told us of the infertility problem that we hardly knew about. She told us that our best solution would be having a test tube baby. Wow, the results came out positive at last and after nine months, we became proud parents

We are very thankful to Dr. Sumita and her team for the patience and kindness they showed us. We thought that it was another battle at her clinic, but everything was calm and smooth. It is a great opportunity any childless couple would love to have. We were skeptical about the place and the experience of the doctor which made us fear at times. We also feared the costs would be high, but everything came out in our favor. We thank the Almighty God for his blessing.

My contact number is 9888227099 (Ajaib Singh)