An insight into the success story of IVF treatment- a case study of city Sangrur

Success story of IVF treatment: A case study of city Sangrur

The assisted reproductive techniques have become quite common in today’s time with the rising cases of infertility. The most common methods are sperm donation, egg donation, In-Vitro Fertility, and Surrogacy. IVF is commonly known to people as test tube baby treatment.  However, they have become quite popular now and people are readily accepting these.

What Is IVF?

In-Vitro fertility (IVF) is a process of fertilization of the woman’s egg along with the sperm outside the woman’s body in a test tube or glass that is known as in-vitro. The fertilization is carefully monitored and examined. Once the zygote turns into an embryo, it is implanted to the same woman’s uterus or a surrogate mother’s uterus. It means that once the embryo is formed in 2 to 6 days from a woman’s egg; the fertilization process is carried out just like a normal pregnancy.

It is definitely a blessing for all those mothers and couples who wanted to have a biological child of their own but could not have so. This treatment is the answer for all those who desire to have their biological child.

Case Study

Only listening about the success stories do not let people believe about it unless they themselves hear about it from the people who have taken it or read about it somewhere. So, here is the case study of a small city of India from state Punjab. With this case study, people can know how widespread this treatment has become and how even the couples belonging to small cities are taking these treatments.

The case study is of city Sangrur. It has a population of 16,55,169. The case is of a couple named Mrs. Harjeet and Mr. Sandeep Singh. They belong to a village named Tunga which falls in district Sangrur. They had been married for 6 years but they could not have a child. They tried various treatments, took medications from various hospitals and doctors as well as tried some traditional medicines too. Still, their dream of having a child could not be fulfilled. Then, one of their acquaintances advised them to visit Dr. Sumita Sofat Infertility IVF and Women Care Center. They visited the centre and their treatment started under the guidance of Dr. Sumita Sofat. The treatment advised to them was IVF which was successful and they had a positive report about pregnancy. They got blessed with a boy child on 21st October 2018.

This case definitely makes it clear that the Test Tube Baby or IVF Treatment is very successful and a wise option for all the couples who want to become parents.

All in all, IVF is a positive and successful approach to having a baby. Besides if the mother is healthy to carry the baby in her womb, she can herself carry the baby and enjoy the most beautiful aspect of being a woman that is; pregnancy. Thus, all the couples dealing with infertility issues should not hesitate to seek advice from a gynecologist about IVF.

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