An Overview of IUI as an Infertility Treatment

An Overview of IUI as an Infertility Treatment

Intrauterine Insemination is perhaps the simplest infertility treatment in the world. Not all infertile couples are fit for the procedure, but I guess every couple would prefer it to the complex IVF treatment.

IUI is simply a procedure where the fast-moving sperm is prepared in the laboratory and then introduced into the woman’s womb (insemination) via her vagina using a catheter.

When compared to other infertility treatments, IUI is the least expensive treatment and as well more affordable for a number of infertile couples since less is required during the treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

  • Normally, couples with unexplained infertility may initially choose IUI for conception.

  • Couples who can’t have sex due to physical or health issues such as a deformity, cancer, or HIV.

  • In case donor sperms are to be used.

  • In case of male factor infertility.

The procedure of IUI

The procedure can be done with or without infertility drugs during infertility treatment in India. The woman will undergo patency health tests to evaluate her Fallopian tubes. Through a laparoscopic procedure, a saline fluid will be splashed into the Fallopian tubes to rule out any blockage or damage.

Once the fluid passes through, the tubes are rendered healthy and normal.

  • With Fertility Drugs

Clomiphene citrate, Gonadotropins, and aromatase inhibitors are the three main infertility drugs used before the actual IUI procedure. These drugs are aimed at stimulating ovulation.

The vaginal ultrasound will then be used to track egg development in the ovaries. Once the eggs mature, a trigger shot will be administered 24 to 38 hours before the sperm is introduced.

  • Without Fertility Drugs

With no fertility drugs, the IUI procedure is performed between day 12 and day 16 of your menstrual cycle. Blood tests and urine tests will be performed for the gyne to ascertain your ovulation period.

When ovulation is finally ascertained, the sperm will be administered.

The main aim of IUI

By inseminating the sperm to cause fertilization, the fertility expert desires to bring the egg and the sperm closer to escape any obstacle that had been leading to infertility.

That is the main reason as to why the Fallopian tubes are tested before the whole treatment begins.

Conditions for IUI treatment

There is no stress during IUI Treatment in India, but the fertility expert may impose some conditions such as;

  • Abstaining from sex

This is mainly a man’s responsibility to abstain from sex at least 1 or 2 weeks in order to obtain quality sperms in case a male is having trouble with his sperm such as poor motility, poor quality or low sperm count.

  • Relaxing

A woman should try to relax prior to insemination. Simple pelvic exercises may be recommended.

Is IUI Safe?

  • There are minimal chances of any risk with IUI since the procedure may be performed without fertility drugs.

  • The sperms are also technically prepared by screening to eliminate any genetic factors

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