Asthenospermia Cure to Improve Your Sperm Count

Asthenospermia Cure to Improve Your Sperm Count

What is Asthenospermia

It is a disorder related to male genital organs. A poor sperm motility is named as Asthenospermia that reduces the sperm quality to result into male infertility.


  • Issues with sperm development– These problems can be genetic or can be a hormonal disorder
  • Testicular injury and disorder- Testicle injury affects sperm development and results into mild sperm development
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Poor diet- Intake of food that lacks nutrients such as vitamins result into low count of sperm development.
  • Side-effects of drugs
  • Chemotherapy
  • Seminal infections
  • Issues with a testicular
  • Extensive exposure to heat
  • Structure defects in sperm tail
  • Smoking and alcoholism
  • Aging
  • Anti-spermatic drugs
  • Ingestion of toxic materials for example solvents or insecticides


Varicocele doesn’t show any symptoms, or pain can be experienced that could be mild to severe or a feeling of heaviness may occur. In few cases, patient may see blown up vein. Aching varicocele is commonly experienced by patients. It may occur when pressure is developed in the enlarged veins during changing positions such as while standing or sitting.


An infertility treatment call is used for Asthenospermia treatment. Various types of dietary supplements such as vitamins and raw foods also help in compensating the low sperm count. Consuming foods that contain high protein as well as low fat diets such as vegetables and whole grains are significantly helpful. The sexual activity time also creates a significant effect on the sperm count. Usually mild ejaculation also compensates the small count of sperms.


  1. Evade quick masturbation. According to the studies, prolong and rapid masturbation causes prostatitis and other disorders in the male reproductive organs that also affects sperm quality as well as motility.
  2. Avoid exposure to chemical materials because they affect the sperm motility. Do not use the chemical agents very common such as avoid wear dry cleanings quickly after receiving them.
  3. Eat healthy food. To receive the nourishment that is essential for good sperm motility, it is essential to consume vegetables and fruits.

In addition of above, drinking, smoking, late night sleep or no sleep at all, hot bath should be controlled. Moreover, specific medicines for example antibiotics also reduce the sperm quantity, quality as well as motility. Therefore if you want to prevent the side effects of medicines as of antibiotics, you should follow the above suggestions that will help foresure.

It is essential to  improve your fertility power if you want to become a parent. According to students, every 15th male suffers from infertility problems in this world so as soon as you find the same problem, contact your physician to receive the correct treatment.