Bed Rest after IVF

Bed Rest after IVF

Bed rest is recommended generally after every medical treatment as the rest rejuvenate the body and add to the advantage but the up to what extent this bed rest is needed after particular treatment is important to know otherwise it can be cause of various harmful effects.

For instance after delivery of baby women are prescribed for the bed rest of 6 weeks but it is not proven good for them as it can cause blood clots in deep veins. Similarly it is important to consider whether bed rest is good for IVF women or not.

IVF is the least invasive lab procedure in which female eggs are fertilized in the cultured dish in the controlled conditions of lab and after transmission of eggs into embryo the healthiest embryo is implanted in the uterus. However IVF is not like treatments that leads to some pain, discomfit or complications but still in earlier days 2 used to be recommended by the IVF experts and even the patients were not allowed weeks of bed rest to stand after embryo transfer.

But further many studies have been conducted to prove whether this rest of 2 weeks is good for patients or not then the results were unfavorable as the experts revealed that this bed rest does not impact the success rates of the IVF procedure and even immediate after the treatment women can have the equal rates of success as the women that rest for 2 weeks.

Studies proved that this bed rest does not have any advantage whereas this may add to disadvantage as being totally sedentary can be harmful for the pregnancy. Inactivity after IVF can get combined with the high level of estrogen that can cause the formation of blood clots as well as rise in the insulin resistance.

On the other hand if women will do some light exercise then it will reduce inflammation and lower down the stress hormone level that will promote to the healthy blood flow. Even the studies have proven the facts that aerobic during pregnancy is good for both mother and child.

Hence it is essential to consult IVF doctor and reevaluate the need for rest for happy pregnancy after the successful IVF cycle.