Empirical assessment to plan and pay for your IVF treatment in 2022

_How to finance your IVF Treatment

Let me start the blog by saying, ‘Often difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. In today’s blog, I am going to share the journey of patients who visited our IVF centre: Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre, Punjab. Their journey of infertility has major roadblocks which made them think nothing would help them to get blessed with their child. Last year Ganika & Adarsh visited our fertility clinic to consult Dr. Sumita Sofat, one of the known fertility specialists in Ludhiana. They generously shared about the way they planned to pay for their IVF treatment. Reading this blog might help you better plan and how you should pay for your IVF cycle in 2022 or the future.

Challenges make us stronger

It is obvious that when your medical bills continue to rise, the dream of having your child starts to fade away. The same situation happened for Ganika and her husband. At this point, someone in there suggested they take a medical loan. In the past, they never experienced such a dramatic medical situation, so they did some research. One thing is certain that getting treatment from the Best IVF Centre in Punjab helped them to tackle the situation easily. 

At some point in our lives, we have to borrow a certain amount to make the future a place which we always wished for. During her research and consultation with Dr. Sumita Sofat, they were certain that IVF funding would help them. They borrowed a certain amount of pay which they used throughout their journey at our IVF centre when they visited Punjab last year.

While talking to Dr. Sumita Sofat, Ganika shared, ‘Our Infertility journey has challenged us in many ways but we were always stronger for it.’

Understanding the up & running of medical loan

Let me brush up on your knowledge on medical loans, ‘Medical Loans are categorized as unsecured loans in which you don’t have to keep any of your assets or material to get the desired amount.’

Ganika shared, ‘Thankfully, your personal credit history is good which made it easier for us to be eligible to get the loan. Later, we were asked by the bank to pay the money in installments. This way it helped us to get the treatment from the Best IVF Centre in Ludhiana.’

Do you know?

Reasons to choose a medical loan for IVF cycle

  • Get the kickstart to your treatment plan at the desired hospital
  • Affordable interest rate
  • The necessary amount given to the hospital & bank installments is easier.
  • Easy going paperwork

Make your dream to have your own family come true

The couple even shared, “One thing is certain from the start we wanted to consult Dr. Sumita Sofat to plan our infertility journey. We came from Haryana to consult her at the fertility clinic and start our IVF journey in Ludhiana. Even from start to end the Best IVF Centre in Punjab under the expertise of Dr. Sumita Sofat guided and helped us throughout our IVF journey. ”

Availability of financing options in abundance

Adarsh shared, “Initially, it was tough for us on how to manage it. But as we kept on researching we came across different options. Although, medical loans made everything easier for us. But, I would like to tell other infertile couples that there are options available to make IVF journeys affordable. No need to think you cannot pay for the IVF cycle. ‘HOPE’ is what we need to keep alive and everything will fall in its place.”

He added, there are various financing options to pay for your IVF cycle like:

  • Health Insurance (amount covered is different for every company)
  • IVF programs
  • IVF loans
  • Personal loan
  • Investments and assets
  • Charitable organization
  • Credit cards
  • Fertility drug program

Lastly, Ganika shared, ‘When we were diagnosed with infertility in 2018, we made up our mind to get IVF. As we were planning we started to save money accordingly which helped us to get the benefit of different resources. Keep on Trying and Don’t Lose Hope, because it’s all you can do from your end.’

Share your story and make everyone aware

Like we say, ‘Sharing is caring. Trust me the joy Ganika & Adarsh had when they first saw their healthy baby is difficult to put into words. No doubt, they struggled but what kept them going is ‘Patience & Hope’. Like they have shared their journey on how they managed the IVF cost, it will help you or someone else. Do you have something to share or talk about? Please let us know.

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