How IVF treatment is customized for patients diagnosed with PCOS?

IVF Treatment For PCOS

When a patient stumbles upon the treatment for any sort of treatment for the first time the different factors revolve in their mind. Especially for those patients who are having problems conceiving and wondering which road they should take. As medical advancement is seeing a huge change and this is where it’s imperative to make the most of all the inventive techniques like IVF. As time passes by this treatment plan has improved a lot and it is going to get better with time. The only consideration here is to look for one of the Best IVF Centre in Punjab where the fertility doctor will guide you well and make sure you are well-informed about the technique.

IVF is used in a different situations and one of them is PCOS

It’s true IVF is used in different conditions as per what the patient situation demands the doctor will further make the treatment plan. PCOS is one of the common conditions in women which occurs during their reproductive years. So, this is why getting yourself one of the Best PCOS Treatment in Punjab is extremely essential.

Better control over PCOS to reduce chances of multiple pregnancies

In women with PCOS, a different approach is used. WHY? Well! It’s to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies and here are some of how it’s done:

  • PCOS patient infertility is addressed through injectable gonadotropins. This is necessary because some couples have too much risk.

  • It’s important to give the treatment through advanced technologies. By doing so, it allows improving the chances of conception manifolds and that everything is done safely.

  • Through the blastocyst embryo transfer, the chances of multiple births are reduced. Moreover, this will make sure the best embryo is selected for the treatment so that the pregnancy chances are improved.

IVF success rate with PCOS

Being an inventive technology this procedure works the best. Till now the research has shown that PCOS patients have a noticeable success rate with IVF. It has been seen that the live birth rate is around 60% in women under the age of 35 with their egg retrieval.

Use of set IVF protocols for PCOS

At the best IVF centre, the patients are given treatment by considering the special IVF protocol and these are commonly used in stimulation systems like:

  • Ganirelix with Lupron trigger protocol

This protocol is in demand because it avoids ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Everything is properly planned to make sure there is no issue at every step of the journey. Careful control and planning is something that is needed from egg retrieval to embryo transfer to boost the success chances of pregnancy.

Are you worried about what to do about PCOS?

Do you wish to start your family, but have trouble conceiving naturally?

Well! There is nothing to worry about, Dr. Sumita Sofat is the infertility doctor to get all your answers in the first go and make the treatment journey much easier and smooth for you.

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