Which Tested & Proven Measures Help To Increase The IVF Success Rates?


A lot of the physical and emotional investment is associated with fertility treatments, therefore it is intensely crucial to make sure that each IVF cycle reaches the verge of success. If you are already going through an IVF process, then here is a list of the few things that can increase your chances for successful IVF treatment.

But yes it would be highly suggested to you to start following these measures much before your IVF procedure has started. This is the main reason that fertility experts of the best Best IVF Centre In Ludhiana

suggest the couple take up the IVF Procedure one to two months after the initial consultation has taken place.

So let us get started with the tips:

Get diagnosed or examined fast

Much Before you plan for a baby, it is suggested that both the mating partners get diagnosed by a gynaecologist to find out the probability of the natural conception. God forbid that if you come out with any infertility problem, then its testament will start at an early age.

You can undergo the following tests:

  • Ovarian reserve testing

  • Semen analysis

  • Uterine cavity examination

  • Infectious disease screening

Save yourself from unhealthy habits

The moment you are married, you should quit everything unhealthy like smoking, alcohol or drugs. It would somehow produce a negative impact on your fertility capabilities. Some women quit smoking just 1 or 2 months before trying for a baby either naturally or via ART procedure. But it is not sufficient enough to trigger your reproductive capabilities.

Did you know?

Those who have been in the habit of drinking alcohol never succeed in the first IVF attempt.

So before and after you have undergone the IVF, try to abstain completely from the usage of alcohol.

Switch to the healthy weight

The individual must have a healthy weight. The female trying to conceive must neither be underweight or overweight. Both of these conditions will prove to be a hurdle in your conception journey.

So I guess you must visit a nutritionist before trying the process.

Visiting a nutritionist will help you to accomplish the two things:

  • First, your weight will get managed.

  • Next, all your nutritional deficiencies could easily be met which will improve your chances for conception.

Make sure you are supplementing the prenatal vitamins

The fertility experts of Best test tube baby centre in Ludhiana says, “Prenatal vitamins must be intake along with the specified diet regime as the list of the food items enlisted in your diet chart is not going to cover your nutritional deficiency thoroughly. For that, the supplements must be relied on.”

Final Comments

The aforementioned are not subjective and we have assumed the patient to be thoroughly healthy here. To get the subjective care plan, visit the Sofat infertility clinic and the women care centre.

This clinic is the oldest fertility clinic in Ludhiana and because of that, it has kept on modifying its treatment procedures and techniques. Thus, it reflects the highest success rates in the whole Punjab.