Can Successful Conceive Through IVF

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Nowadays, many females do not want to have a child at an early age. They give priority to work life, and after that, they desire to become a mother. When they think about becoming a mother, some females face difficulty in conceiving naturally. In such cases, IVF technology helps women to get pregnant. In this blog, you will learn whether you can successfully conceive through IVF. Also, we will share the success story of our patient Mrs. Khushi Jain at Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital, who successfully conceived after 6-7 years of marriage through IVF.

IVF Procedure 

Before getting into the story of the patient, let us first understand what IVF is and what it entails. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is an advanced technique created to support those individuals who struggle to have a baby naturally. It is a reliable option for conceiving. In this procedure, experts collect women’s eggs and sperm and combine them in the lab for fertilization.  

This procedure starts with stimulating the ovaries. In which experts provide some medication treatment to women. It helps to make her ovaries produce more eggs than usual. When eggs get ready, experts collect eggs from the women’s ovaries through a small surgery. Experts also collect sperm from males and in the lab for fertilization outside the body.

Experts carefully monitor the embryo for a few days to observe how the embryo is developing. 

When this process is done, Experts choose the healthiest embryo to implant in a woman’s uterus. After waiting for some time, the embryo will turn into a pregnancy. 

The finest IVF Centre in Punjab offers treatment for couples who are facing fertility issues like blocked tubes, low sperm count and others. This technique is useful for curing fertility issues in females.

Can You  Successfully  Conceive Through IVF? 

While many people are suffering from infertility, including men, there are a lot of cases who are enjoying their parenthood. There are several reasons for the problems of infertility, and sometimes, people do not want to conceive a baby in their womb and decide to go for surrogacy. Because they think a baby in her womb can disturb their professional life. For instance, many prominent personalities conceive their baby through IVF, such as Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. They get help from IVF experts such as Dr. Sumita Sofat.

IVF Success Story: Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital 

Similarly, there are several examples of people who treat their infertility or increase their chances of conceiving from the Best IVF Centre in India. For example, our hospital, Dr Sumita Sofat IVF Center, helped several patients with infertility and fulfilled their desire to become parents. Because of our policies, we are not able to disclose the patient’s identity.

Our patient Mrs. Khushi Jain was 35 years old when she came to our clinic. She did not want to get pregnant early after marriage and decided to plan it later. Later she was unable to get pregnant naturally. She then consulted our IVF expert Dr. Sumita Sofat and discussed her problem and concerns regarding the treatment. Then she agreed to conceive through IVF and she successfully conceived after 6-7 years of marriage. 

We are happy to help couples fulfill their dream of parenthood. So, if you are also facing similar issues, consult with our IVF experts and embark on your journey to parenthood.