Can you increase your fertility chances of having twins? Tips for Having Twins

Increase Your Chances of Having Twins

The modern women shoulder a lot of responsibilities which includes building a career.Marriages are happening later and so are the timing of pregnancies. This has given rise to the use of infertility treatment methods. The trend has given rise to common birthing of twins. IVF treatment in India is available across various cities. These methods often lead to the likelihood of multiple births. If you are among those who want to handle more than one bundle of joy in a single go,we can site some possibilities , although there is no sure shot method for the same.

IVF and Twins

IVF is an ART(Assisted reproductive therapy) method which helps the women in conceiving using medications and fertilization process carried out in the lab. In IVF, the mature ovum is taken out from the body of the woman and kept in the lab. The semen is extracted from the male partner and the sperm from the sample is used to fertilize the ovum. The fertilization process is carried out in the lab and the resultant embryo is kept under observation for a day or two. The best of the embryos are selected and implanted into the body of the woman. After successful implantation, the woman goes through a pregnancy and delivery as a normal woman does. Now, the doctor won’t commit the folly of implanting only one embryo as there are chances of failed implantation. The whole process may go waste if only 1 embryo is implanted. So, the doctor implants at least two (maybe more) embryos to ensure the success of the operation. So, if all the embryos survive, there are chances that the lady may end up with two, three or more babies.

Twins and fertility drugs

Another method which may come to the rescue of the women dealing with infertility is the use of fertility drugs. The drugs enhance the chances of successful conception in women by stimulating the ovaries to produce more than one egg at a time. Naturally, production of more than one egg will lead to higher chances of multiple fertilisation. These medications may be administered via injection or may be taken orally.

Does family history influence your chances of having twins?

Women with a history of fraternal twins in their family are more likely to give birth to twins. If the partner’s family too has a history of twins in his family, the chances are likely to increase.

What about ethnicity? Does it has a role in the birth of twins?

Yes, according to research, it has been found out that blacks and non-Hispanic white women are more likely to give birth to twins.

Age and twins- what is the connection?

It is indeed surprising, but it is true that women above 30 produce more than one egg thus have a higher chance of becoming a mother to twins. Women between 35 and 40 have still higher chances.

Does weight also determine the chances of multiple births?

Tall or overweight women are also more likely to give birth to twins. This might be because they take in more nutrients than others, but experts can’t pinpoint the reasons for sure.

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