What are the causes of stillbirth? How can you prevent this from happening?

What are the causes of stillbirth How can you prevent this from happening

The loss of pregnancy gives you a devastating feeling. No matter if it has happened at the earlier stage or the later stage, the grief of losing the baby is always the same. So in this blog post, we are going to discuss everything about stillbirth.

What exactly is stillbirth?

When the woman experiences the stillbirth after the 20th week of the pregnancy, then it is stillbirth. At this stage, the ultrasound images are more prominent and vivid since the parents can see the full body structure of the baby’s body. This stage is considered as one stage advanced of the miscarriage as the women heads to the delivery in this stage.

What are the causes of stillbirths?

Usually, the causes of stillbirth are unexplained. But while there are problems in which the causes of stillbirth can be as follow:

  • Placental problems

The placenta is the fluid that is accountable for providing the nutrition and nourishment to the fetus that is developing. In case, the placenta comes out to be abrupt, then the stillbirth may be experienced.

  • Umbilical cord problems

When the umbilical cord somehow gets out through the vagina, then the baby may find it difficult to survive in the mother’s womb. Then the pregnancy is terminated at that point.

  • Other health conditions

If you are suffering from any of the following chronic issues, then these may also result in stillbirth:

  • High blood pressure
  • Unregulated blood pressure
  • Fluctuating levels of the blood sugar
  • Intrauterine growth restriction

In this problem, the blood flow is completely restricted to be reached to the child. The child in the absence of the regulated levels of the blood may not survive which may lead to stillbirth.

  • Lack of nutrition

Some nutritional components are required by your body when you are pregnant, If your body is lacking any of the nutrients, then it may produce the effect on the child straightaway.

How can you prevent yourself from experiencing the problem of stillbirth?

You can prevent stillbirth if you follow all the below-mentioned points:

  • Sound Sleep

For pregnant women, it is necessary to sleep for the required hours. Being deprived of sleep is not at all suggestive for pregnant women.

  • Proper exercise

Doing Yoga or proper exercise is very necessary for the good health of the baby. It makes sure that your body is functioning smoothly without any problem. The blood flow and sugar levels are maintained.

  • Healthy eating habits

The individual should switch to healthy eating habits. Intake of junk food and other unhealthy juices and drinks must be completely avoided.

Important TIP

Pregnant women should refrain from caffeine and alcohol.

  • Try to maintain the healthy weight

During pregnancy, many women become negligent towards maintaining a healthy weight. But this should not be happening. As both the conditions of being overweight and the underweight may become problematic for you and may result in stillbirth.


Make sure you are attending all the points with your gynaecologist. It will help the gynaecologist to keep track of your pregnancy.