What are the chances of success of pregnancy with the IVF treatment?

chances of success of pregnancy with the IVF treatment

Many people currently are undergoing the treatment of IVF. But one concern which most of our patients have is will the treatment work for them?

IVF treatment Success rate

The Success rate of IVF is available on the website of Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and the Center for Disease Control. One thing which is noticed is that the success rate goes down when the women get old and she uses her own egg. This is because the egg quality decreases.

After going through one egg retrieval cycle the success of live birth rate is given below.

  • Women younger than 35 have a 54% live birth rate.
  • Women between the age of 35 to 37 have 42% live birth rate.
  • Women between the age of 38 to 40 have 26% live birth rate.
  • Women between the age of 41 to 42 have 13% live birth rate.
  • Women between the age of 43 and above have 4% live birth rate.

It is clearly visible that with age the success rate declines so it is advised that women should use donor egg after the age of 40. Additionally, the success rate while using the donor egg is not dependent on the age of women.

  • If you are using fresh embryo then live birth is 53% with donor egg.
  • If you are using frozen embryo then live birth rate is around 38% with donor egg.

It is important to understand that every cycle of treatment might not result in embryo transfer, sometimes eggs are not collected, and in some cases, the embryo is not developed properly. Choosing the best fertility specialist and fertility doctor is also essential. If you are dealing with the issue then you should visit our IVF centre in India.

Does the success differ between one cycle and multiple cycles?

No doubt, going through one cycle of IVF helps in getting positive results. But, every couple is dealing with a different issue of infertility then it happens that you need more than one cycle to get the results you want.

To improve the success of odd you should plan of having more cycle especially for the women who are of older age. Studies have shown that having more than a cycle means the success rate is around 42%.

But, one thing which also needs to be kept in mind that the cost will increase by having multiple cycles of IVF. Make sure, you consult with the doctor everything so that they can offer you the best treatment option.

How the check the IVF success of Individual clinic?

Some factors you should keep in mind while choosing the clinic.

  • Age is essential factors so you should compare the previous rates that how well the results were.
  • How many embryos are being transferred? Transferring more than one no doubt increase the chances but there is a risk of multiple pregnancies or premature birth.
  • Check whether other treatment options are included like ICSI, IUI, frozen embryo transfer, or fresh embryo transfer.