IVF procedure: You will see the Concept of fertilization in Upcoming Movie Good Newwz

Movie Good Newwz - Akshay Kumar & Diljit Dosanjh Concept of sperm mixing while IVF Treatment

Comedy Movie Good Newwz: IVF treatment is designed for those with infertility issues. There are several people who are struggling to have their own baby naturally. However, they are unable to conceive because of several medical or health conditions. You may not be aware of these issues, but you have to know and understand why you are unable to conceive a baby.

For this, you must visit the test tube baby center in Punjab, so that you can know your health condition and get the appropriate treatment on time. Your specialist asks you several things related to your health and family or medical history as well.

Well, this is a too heartbreaking condition, but don’t worry the IVF treatment will give you the chance to conceive a baby without complications. That’s why we recommend you to undergo this treatment to get pregnant.

Well, have you heard about a GOOD NEWWZ movie, featuring Akshay Kumar & Diljit Dosanjh Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Anjana Sukhani and more which is going to release on 27 December 2019.

What about the GOOD NEWWZ movie?

In this movie, you will see that there are two couples, both are Batras. But both are completely different from each other. One couple is residing in the city and another one is an animated couple. They both couples are getting IVF treatment to enjoy parenthood. We ensure that you will relate your story to them and feel relaxed that you are not alone in this world who are going to conceive a baby through IVF treatment.

In this movie, you will see how the IVF procedure works. Well, the IVF procedure has four steps such as-:

  • Stimulation of ovaries

  • Egg and sperm gathering

  • Fertilization

  • Embryo transfer.

In this movie, you will see that the doctor mistakenly combines the sperm of one male to another female’s egg instead of his wife. And after delivering a baby, they realize that their child is of a stranger, but they are carrying that baby. From this movie, you will learn that your pregnancy not only depends on your eggs but also relies on male sperm as well.

This Good NEWWZ movie is directed by Raj Mehta and producer Karan Johar under the Dharma production. We ensure that you will surely love this movie, not just because of comedy but also from the medical perspective. This movie is going to be more interesting if you will try to understand it both emotionally and mentally.

So, you may understand the importance of IVF treatment completely for those who are unable to conceive a baby naturally. This is the best treatment, which will give you new hope to get pregnant, but you have to be calm and wear a positive attitude towards this IVF procedure.