Cryopreservation – A Fertility Technique to Preserve the Embryo

Cryopreservation - A Fertility Technique to Preserve the Embryo

The concept of the sperm freezing was firstly practiced in the year 1950. It has been nearly 67 years to use the concept in the process of the egg freezing. This concept is used for those women who want to protect their fertility. This first successful freezing pregnancy was announced in the year 1986.

Cryopreservation is the most interesting method and recent development in the field of the Assisted Reproductive Technology. The important dimensions that were provided by this reproductive science are:

  • It helps to increase the chances of the pregnancy for those couples who want to have another baby successful transfer of the embryo.

  • Its finish the need of embryo dispose of.

  • It helps to prevent the wastage of the embryo.

  • It also improves the chances of the pregnancies per cycle. It increases the chance by 10 to 30%.

This is the boon for those couples who have the risk of the multiple pregnancies. With this techniques, it is possible to transfer more than one healthy embryo to ensure the pregnancy.

How does the embryo cryopreservation work?

This process is implemented with the In vitro fertilization. In the IVF, where numbers of the embryos are created with the fertility drugs like Clomid. This drug is given to the person so that you must have sufficient amount of the embryo at the time of the treatment. In order to prevent the multiple pregnancies, only one or two embryos are implanted at one time in a uterus. The other healthy are preserved for the future use.


  • In this first step, healthy embryos are mixed up with the embryo protecting substance so that it can be protected from any damage in the process of freezing.

  • This mixture is poured into the very thin glass tube and then placed in the device that is full of the nitrogen. This is stored at a very low temperature usually at the 196degree Celsius.

  • When the needs that embryo, the tube is removed from the device and the embryo is thawed in the uterus of the female.

  • In this way, protective fluid is removed and prepares the embryos for the transfer process.

This cryopreservation is successful for those couples who are having the following problems:

  • The world of being infertile is itself a complex process and there are lots of the decisions that need to be taken.

  • This technique is successful for those who want the high success rate of the live birth.

  • This is successful for those females who have high risks of the OHSS

  • This treatment is successful for those couples who face the difficulty in fresh embryo transfer.

  • This is successful for those patients who go for the chemotherapy for the cancer treatment.

The success rate of the freezing embryo is dependent upon the numbers of the factors. Firstly you have to consider the best IVF centre in India in order to get the high success rate. Other factors are female age, causes of the fertility and numbers of the embryos’ to be implanted.

In order to get the best and effective results, you require the expert in this field. The best IVF centre in Delhi will provide you the best cryopreservation treatment in India.

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