Is there any difference between Test Tube baby and Naturally conceived baby?

Is test tube baby differs from normally conceived babies

Actually, there is no difference between the test tube baby and normally born baby. The only difference between both these terms is that test tube babies are born with the help of special fertility treatment. Whereas, normal babies born with the natural way of conception. It means there is only the difference between the procedure of conception and fertilization.

Test tube baby procedure is additionally known as IVF, which stands for In-Vitro Fertilization. These days, thousands of people take this treatment due to infertility and some health conditions. In this situation, they need to visit the test tube baby centre.

Now, let’s have a look at differences between test tube babies and normally conceived babies.

How the normally born babies differ from test tube babies?

Well, test tube babies are born with a special technique which includes many steps. In this procedure, first of all, you need to get the fertility test in order to understand the reasons behind infertility. And then your surgeon gives you oral medications in order to stimulate your ovaries so that you can produce enough healthy eggs. After this, he collects the eggs for fertilization and embryo development. At last, he transfers those developed embryos into women’s ovaries for conception.

Whereas, in normal conception, there is no need for treatment. You can simply conceive the baby with natural way.

How time period of pregnancy differs in both ways of conception?

IVF or test tube baby treatment takes almost ten weeks for the entire procedure. In these weeks, you have to take the fertility tests, go through the egg retrieval process, and fertilization. And after 10 weeks your surgeon implant the developed embryos in your ovaries or womb. But in the natural conception, the majority of women do not even aware of the pregnancy. They only know when they experience some symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Is there any type of risk associated with test tube baby or IVF procedure?

Actually, babies who are born through test tube baby procedure are totally similar to normally born babies. There is no such risk associated with IVF treatment, because this is totally safe and secure, additionally done with your healthy eggs. So, don’t take tension about your baby, a recent study shows that test tube babies are completely similar to naturally conceived babies. In fact, there are too smart and intelligent than naturally conceived babies.

Are test tube babies are physically healthy?

Yes, of course, test tube babies are too strong whether it is physically or mentally. In addition to this, they are similar to normal babies, and they do not have any type of side effect.

Furthermore, some times normally conceived babies experience some of the health conditions such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, due to premature delivery. But there is no chance these problems in test tube babies.

So, at last, don’t think so much if you are planning to get test tube baby treatment.