Dr Sumita Sofat Explains Some Common Myths About IVF Procedure

Dr Sumita Sofat Explains Some Common Myths About IVF Procedure

Since infertility has become a common problem, the use of IVF and other procedures has increased, as it helps in conceiving successfully. Although the use of IVF has become common, many people still do not know about it completely or have insufficient information about this topic. Because of this, many misconceptions about IVF have become common. It is crucial for people to avoid any misconceptions or rumours and consult with an IVF specialist to know the truth. 

In this video, Dr Sumita Sofat is demystifying a few misconceptions related to IVF and test tube baby procedures. She explains that the most common misconception people have is that after the IVF procedure or test tube baby procedure, they will be suggested complete bed rest. Dr. Sumita Sofat explains that it is not true. The procedure is simple and does not require any invasive method. Anaesthesia is administered for egg retrieval. Once the procedure is done, the patient can go home or resume their task. 

The second misconception that Dr Sumita Sofat explains is that the IVF procedure is painful. She explains that general or local anaesthesia is administered during embryo transfer or egg retrieval. Since the patient is under anaesthesia, they do not feel any pain. After the procedure is done, the patient can continue their normal routine and resume their work like they do normally. Dr Sumita Sofat explains that IVF pregnancy is no different than normal pregnancy. Hence, people should not follow such beliefs or refrain from getting IVF treatment due to these misconceptions. If you experience any issues or require IVF treatment, visit the best IVF centre in Punjab, Dr Sumita Sofat IVF Centre.

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