Dr Sumita Sofat lists – 7 Proven Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

All in All Information - About Healthy Pregnancy

According to Dr Sumita Sofat, running a famous fertility clinic in Ludhiana, “ There are many couples who think that getting pregnant is more important than remaining healthy during pregnancy. Since both of the things aim at delivering a healthy baby, then why overlook one of these? So if you think that I am right, then do not go back until you read the complete information, since we want to make Indians wholly aware about the healthy and safe pregnancy.”

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Health Counselling For Pregnancy

Prenatal Vitamins

If you have just planned for a baby and are trying to conceive, then you can get success in this thing by taking prenatal vitamins. The intake of vitamin tablets are not only important when you are only trying to conceive, you can intake it during pregnancy as well. With these the following parts of the fetus develop in an efficient way:

  • Brain
  • Spinal Cord

Do not be lazy, Opt up for the healthy measures

It is very important for pregnant women and those trying to conceive to keep up with the regular movements concerning the body. Apart from that, you should make sure that you are following all the following measures:

  • No stress at all
  • Establish control over your weight
  • Improvement in the circulation
  • Do not think a lot about the things that disturb your mood
  • Sleep better

What’s your Birth Plan?

List down the things or the measures which you definitely wanna opt for during the pregnancy. For example: If you are planning to have a doula who will help you out with the delivery training, then list that out. And if you find it too difficult to deliver the bay with the natural painful process, then go for epidural. If you agree with this, then fill your next bullet with this.

Yoga is crucial

The mother-to-be is advised to practise yoga for the whole 9 months. Do not skip even a day out of laziness. If possible, join a yoga class. There are some kinds of yoga classes in which the husband goes along and the couple’s pregnancy yoga poses are suggested. If you want to use this period which strengthens your bond, then do not even think twice before joining those classes.

No unhealthy things, please

Things like street food, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco are things that happy pregnant women should avoid. These are not only harmful to you but are responsible for impacting the physical and internal structure of the baby.

Bottom Line!

If the above-mentioned points have proved out to be useful for you or you think these would be effective, then our motive in attempting publishing of this blog would be satisfied.