Effective ways to Tighten Loose Belly Skin After Pregnancy

Effective ways to Tighten Loose Belly Skin After Pregnancy


Delivering a baby can bring many changes in the life of a woman but along with the life changes it also brings somebody changes with it like the loosing of the belly skin after delivery. After delivery as you feel the best blessing of god that is Motherhood at the same time you could notice the first change n your body that is loose belly skin which is also known as pregnancy pouch.

What is pregnancy pouch and why it happens after childbirth?

When females get pregnant either by natural conception or with female infertility treatment then the muscles of her abdomen get loose. The gained fat during pregnancy due to the increasing size of the baby and extra skin and relaxed pelvic guard give the hanging look to the female belly that is known as the pregnancy pouch.

After the childbirth, the baby came out of the belly but the muscles and pregnancy pouch could not recover means the loose skin do not get back to its original shape and size as it was before pregnancy due to which females have the changes in the body like stretch marks, loose belly skin etc after pregnancy.

Let us take a look at the different ways to tighten this loose skin

Experts suggest many ways and tips tighten the skin post-pregnancy as mentioned below

Increase your water intake

By increasing the water intake you can hydrate your skin due to which the elasticity of the skin get improved and even it  helps in burning the extra calories so drinking plenty of water is the effective way to keep your skin tight and healthy


breastfeeding can also help in tightening of the skin and restoring the before pregnancy shape of the body as while breastfeeding the body gets used up for the production of breast milk and also helps in losing the extra weight so breastfeeding mothers can easily get their pre-pregnancy body shape.

Consume more protein

As we know protein helps in the growth of muscles and also builds collagen which is an essential part of the skin. Thus protein intake can help to make your skin healthier. Even for the digesting protein body will burn some fat so females can lose some fats and have healthy skin by increasing the protein intake but the quantity of protein intake must be increased with the advice of experts.


Exfoliate your skin is also good way to  tighten your skin as by using the exfoliating scrub on belly while taking bath can improve the blood circulation in the area due to which the damaged or inactive skin cells get nourished and even increased blood flow will improve the elasticity of the skin and can make it healthy and tighter.


Massage can also improve the blood circulation in the body due to which the skin cells can get repaired and nourished as a result you could have healthy and tight skin. For massage of belly skin, you can use the lotions containing Vitamin K, C, A, and E.


Some exercises can also tighten your skin and help you to reduce the belly fat. Even the exercises can also restore the strength of your muscles so it is also a good way to have the desired shape of body post pregnancy but exercises must be done as per the recommendations of the professionals.


Surgery is also an option to have to tighten skin after pregnancy as you can choose the procedures like a tummy tuck to reduce the belly fat and to get rid of loose belly skin.