Egg freezing: What women need to know if they consider the option of egg freezing?

Egg freezing a viable option or not

There are many couples who want to delay there pregnancy because of there career, some are not ready to have a baby at an early age, or when the problem of cancer is diagnosed. Due to this, many women consider the option of egg freezing.

What is egg freezing?

It is also known as egg banking and doctors call it oocyte cryopreservation. It is a new technique under the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). With the help of this method. The eggs of a woman are frozen and stored so that they can be used later.

What things do you need to know?

  • You cannot consider this option too early

The results of this technique are very high when this method is chosen by women when they are less than the age of 30. However, in most cases, the women consider this option around 37. for best results you should consider this option before the age of 36. at this time, the eggs are in good quality and they can be used in the future. Although, if you consider this option when you are in the early 20s then it will freeze the eggs which are in very good quality. But at this stage, you don’t know when you have to use them or even if you will use them as you might conceive naturally. By doing this, you will unnecessarily waste your money so you need to consider the age factor also.

  • Cost of the technique

Some women decide that they want to get their eggs frozen but they don’t think how much it will cost. Generally undergoing the egg freezing cycle cost around 50,000 to one Lakh. It includes all the testing, monitoring, egg freezing, and medications. The cost will include storage fee up to end of the calendar year. The cost of this technique is more as compared to other methods such as egg thaw, embryo transfer, and fertilization. So before choosing the method to consult the doctor and visit the best IVF center in India.

  • Eggs are stored for ten years

In some Countries, it is allowed to freeze the eggs only for ten years. Due to this, women choose to freeze the eggs when they are too young. You can ask for more time only if you are prematurely infertile. But if they are not infertile then the storage period of the eggs is not extended. So, consider the option wisely and at the right time.

  • The Procedure is required many times

There is no such guarantee that egg freezing will work in its first treatment. For the best results, around 15 eggs are required for successful pregnancy in the future. However, the number of eggs which will be collected in one cycle will depend on the age of the women, how she responds to the treatment, and her ovarian reserve. So, if the required amount of eggs are not collected and frozen then you need another session. This will cost you more money which can be very challenging physically and mentally.

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