Endometrial Biopsy and scratching Boost IVF Success Rates

Endometrial Biopsy and Scratching after a failure of Implantation

Endometrial Biopsy and scratching & IVF Punjab: After the failure of multiple cycles of IVF treatment, endometrial scratching is done to improve the success of IVF. In order to understand the endometrial scratching, you need to know about the endometrial biopsy first.

What is an endometrial biopsy?

This is the process which is performed to retrieve the sample of small tissues from women such as the lining of the uterus. And this is the condition which additionally known as the endometrium. In endometrial biopsy, your specialist examined the sample of a small tissue under a microscope in order to know the presence of cells. This is also done by your surgeon with the goal to know about the effects of hormones on the endometrium.

The absence of uterine bleeding, and who experience bleeding after menopause. This procedure is also useful to examine the condition of your reproductive organs. Moreover, this procedure is also useful to examine the effects of hormone therapy which was given to you by your surgeon. There may some other reasons that you need this procedure, you must find the best IVF centre.

What is endometrial scratching?

This is the procedure which is useful after the multiple failures of IVF treatment. This is useful to increase the chances of IVF treatment. This is additionally recommended for those patients who are suffering from IVF failure due to poor quality embryos. In this procedure, you do not need any type of anesthesia because you are not going to experience any type of discomfort. Your surgeon will give you certain medications in order to reduce your pain during the treatment.

Is endometrial scratching useful to increase the chances of IVF success?

Yes, a recent study reveals that this is useful to increase the chances of pregnancy due to IVF treatment. It also leads to successful IVF procedure because with the help this process your surgeon will give you better quality embryos which play an important role in pregnancy.

This is the process which is given to you after the failure of various IVF cycles in order to examine your health condition. Additionally, your surgeon wants to check whether you have any issue in uterus lining or not. It is additionally helpful to find the issues in your reproductive organs. In this way, this process is useful to improve the chances of success. Many surgeons recommend this treatment to couples who are unable to conceive even after multiple treatments.

This is the treatment which does not have any side effect. You should discuss all the things prior to your surgeon if you have any other health issue which makes an obstacle in the way to pregnancy. Or you may go for an ultrasound even after getting the IVF treatment many times because this is the way to understand the exact reasons behind this infertility condition. After then your specialist suggests taking this endometrial scratching.