Everything you should know about test-tube baby & the related procedure

We accept that encountering those negative strips, again and again, is not easy for the couple and they have to struggle a lot to get themselves in the regular motion to try once again. But we want to tell you that there is no need to get hopeless since many couples have gone through the same stage as you are in. Those couples have relied on the test tube baby centre in Punjab and trust us that each of them has gone successfully. The IVF Centre in Punjab has helped many couples to slap on the face of the people who have always mocked them for not having the baby.

  • How did it begin?

The era of test-tube babies came when the first test-tube baby procedure went successful and its outcome was enough to get the people into confidence. After the birth of Louise Joy Brown, the first test-tube baby, people started to believe that the Ivf procedure does not give falsified hopes rather its outcomes are appreciable.

  • What was the prevalent myth?

No sooner a good thing gets famous than the rumours start speeding up, denying its appreciation. People started believing that the babies which are the result of the IVF procedures can not live a longer life. And people started discouraging its importance. But the fertility experts did not leave any stone unturned to make the people believe that IVF cannot hinder the natural characteristics of the babies. Rest, the people must understand that ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

  • Which stages are involved in the test tube baby procedures?

The procedure is divided into four stages which are as below:

  • Ovary stimulation

The females are treated with the drug therapies that make the ovaries stimulate the production of the best quality eggs.

  • Egg retrieval

No sooner the woman has produced the eggs than those are retrieved. The connotation of the retrieval is with the extraction.

  • Semen collection

The semen contains sperms that are responsible for fertilisation. So the males asked to ejaculate in the specialised condoms or the bottle that could help in retaining the characteristics of the semen for some time.

  • Fertilisation

Once the eggs are retrieved and the sperms are selected, both of them are mixed which is called fertilization. The outcome of the fertilization is the embryo which is implanted in the uterus once the doctors are assured that it is capable of being carried till the end of the pregnancy.

  • When should the male and female go for the IVF treatment?
  • Females
  • Structural or functional problem s with the reproductive systems
  • Trying to conceive in the advanced maternal age
  • Males 
  • Sperm related problems
  • Defects in the chromosomes
  • When should the woman check for pregnancy after undergoing the IVF procedure?

The woman should not check the pregnancy before 2 weeks after the procedure is completed.

  • On which factors the cost of IVF Treatment is determined?
  • Experience & Qualifications of the doctor
  • Location of the clinic
  • Infrastructure and staff in the hospital or clinic

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