Factors Contributing To Infertility Epidemic

Factors Contributing To Infertility Epidemic

There has been great rise noticed in the infertility epidemic as more and more youngsters are seeking for the treatment for their infertility either due to female or male. So many couples are dreaming about having their baby but fail to fulfill their dream due to infertility as the infertility issues are becoming more and more prevalent even the celebrities are not escaped from these issues.

The females even in the age of 20s or 30s are coming to the infertility clinics due to infertility issues that are why infertility is becoming the new epidemic all over the world. There can be various factors that are pushing you are near the infertility epidemic such as

1. Age

Age is the prime factor that can affect your fertility level as with the age fertility level of women get the decrease. Many couples, after marriage chooses to have their baby after some years. Even some women like to have their baby after their career settlement when their age most probably reached up to 35. At this age-ability of ovaries get decrease means they release fewer eggs or do not release the healthy eggs that could lead to successful conception naturally.

2. Stress

Stress can also be the factor contributing to your infertility it could be hard to believe but it is true. Prolonged physical or mental stress affects the hormonal level of your body due to which your menstrual cycle can be affected means you could have missed or irregular periods. Thus, stress can also add to your infertility problem.

3. Body Weight

Excess weight can be the responsible factor for your infertility as the overweight body can have an imbalanced hormonal level it means your ovulation or fertilization ability can get affected. Your fat cells produce the estrogen so with the increase of this hormone your ovulation gets disturbed. Even if you are underweight then also your chances of conceptions get decrease due to internal weakness and disturbed hormonal level.

4. Medical concerns

Medical conditions like PCOS are also the prime factor contributing to the infertility issue. This condition is caused by the imbalance of the hormones that can result in the irregular ovulation so can forbade you to get pregnant naturally.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Unhealthy lifestyle of females and males can contribute to infertility. Unhealthy eating habits, drinking, smoking, disturbed sleeping patterns can also affect your fertility level and can become the hindrance for your conception.

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