Facts about test tube baby, which many are unaware of?

Facts about test tube baby, which many are unaware of

In vitro fertilization or IVF in India has gained quite popularity in the past few years. It is an assisted reproductive technology helping women to become pregnant.

Some facts about IVF

1) IVF helps a person achieve pregnancy when other treatments do not work.

2) Infertility is not very uncommon. What most people are not aware of is, that infertility affects 12% population, so don’t think that you are the only one.

3) IVF pregnancies can also be uprooted. Uprooted pregnancies happen when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus. Tubal or uprooted pregnancies occur in Fallopian tube, although they can take place elsewhere, as well. Many people think that since IVF transfers an embryo directly in the uterus, tubal pregnancies would not have been possible, but, uterine contractions that occur post – transfer can cause the embryo to move elsewhere.

4) Very few people are aware of this fact that Acupuncture can greatly influence the success rate of IVF.

5) Younger eggs give youthful fertility benefits. Many women do not realize that young donor eggs place the chances of live birth in the same group as donors IVF chances for success. This makes a big difference in the potential IVF success.

6) The eggs which are transferred doesn’t mean that they are fertilized. The eggs will be carefully examined to make sure they have everything to have a healthy embryo. Although the doctors might harvest 10 – 12 eggs, it may be that only a small part of these can actually be used for creating embryos for IVF transfer.

7) Your possibility of having identical twins from multiple embryo transfers is on a higher side (which is very rare). It is a common known fact that fraternal twins (or maybe triplets) are more likely if you proceed with multiple embryo transfers.

8) Healthy habits in sleeping make better IVF cycles. Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? Try maintaining a proper routine and get to bed at that time, and then see the effect it has, on your chances of conceiving through IVF. Head on to Punjab for getting yourself treated at the test tube baby clinic.