Fertility and the age-related changes – Ovarian reserves and the Egg Quality

The Ultimate Guide to fertility

The Onset Of Fertility Potential

With the progression of age, various changes are encountered in the reproductive system and the fertile potential. The girls and boys both encounter reproductive changes in their puberty. According to the expert gynaecologist practising in the Sofat infertility clinic and the women centre, the best IVF centre in Punjab, “ The reproductive capabilities start showing up as soon as the ovulation and the menstruation takes place. But no sooner the menopause is experienced, then the woman finds it difficult to become pregnant.” But if any abnormality in the reproductive system is found and if that is making it difficult for the women to conceive then there is no such option left other than visiting the infertility clinic in Ludhiana.”

  • Ovulation and Menstruation – Periods And All

When the women are active in their reproductive years, then they have to undergo regular monthly periods as the ovulation takes place each month regularly.

Do You Know?The Important Fact
The eggs get matured inside the fluid spheres which are known as the follicles.Whenever the menstrual cycle commences, then the brain is stimulated to make the follicle grow rapidly. This hormone is usually produced in the pituitary gland.

Pregnant or Not-Pregnant

When the female is encountered with the positive pregnancy test, then it indicates that the egg has become fertile with the sperm and has gotten implanted in the endometrial lining. But in case the egg has not fertilized, then the endometrium lining sheds and results in bleeding which the woman faces whenever they are having periods.

  • Relation Between – Reproductive Potential And The Age
Best Worst
The woman is super powerful in her reproductive potential when she is in her 20s. The productivity and fertility potential declines as she approaches her 30s.

Do you know?

Women cannot remain fertile until they encounter menopause. Some women are there who become infertile even when they have reached their early 40s.

The women’s age affects the success rate of undergoing the various assisted reproductive technologies.

  • Male Fertility – Sperms Changes With Age

The sperms are the crucial components of the male reproductive see which are accountable for triggering fertility. The quality of the sperm traits as the age progresses.

Notable fact

Infertility in males can be retained for a longer period as compared to females.

  • Egg Quality – Critical For The Conception

You might be wondering why the reproductive capabilities in women start to decline after a certain age. It is because the egg quality gets deteriorated with the increased age and the number of eggs present in the reproductive system begins to dwindle.

  • Ovarian Reserve – The quantity of the eggs

Egg Quantity keeps on getting decreased with the increased age.

Do you know?

The woman begins to lose the ovarian reserve much before she encounters infertility.

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