The ultimate guide to the fertility procedures – ICSI, MNSP and PICSI

The ultimate guide to the fertility procedures - ICSI, MNSP and PICSI

Many fertility procedures are there, which helps the couples to experience the happiness of being blessed with the healthiest baby. A test tube baby centre in Punjab is helping such couples to experience the joy of being happy parents. So in today’s blog, we shall be discussing the variegated fertility procedures  carried out at IVF Centre in Punjab:

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The procedures which we are going to mention below are related to the sperm selection process. Based on the characteristic of the sperm it will be decided which procedure is to be taken into account:

Why is sperm selection important ?

The importance of sperm selection lies in the fact that the healthy embryo will only come into existence if the egg is fertilised with quality sperm. There are many sperm related problems which may be listed as follow:

  • Production of sperms in the insignificant or the minimal numbers
  • Produced sperms are of inferior quality
  • Produced sperms do not possess the required characteristics
  • Sperms are lazy and they may take a considerable time to reach the egg and chances are high that the produced sperms may die in the way.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection cell

This is one of the most successful fertility procedures which aims at fertilising multiple eggs with one sperm cell only. This procedure is used in the case in which the female participant is completely healthy to give birth to the healthy baby but there are problems with the sperm cells. So the doctor tries to find out one quality sperm sample in the whole semen sample to use to fertilise the egg.

  • Magnetic Nano bead selection process

As the ICSI, this procedure also aims at finding one specific sperm cell that could be able to fertilise multiple eggs. And the sorting process includes one most popular approach which is known as magnetically activated cell sorting.

The initial stage of this process includes the association of the nanobeads to the semen sample. These beads get attached to the sperm in the presence of specific proteins on the surface. You might be wondering about the indications of the proteins. Then the presence of the proteins is the signs of decay which tells the doctor that the particular sperm is not fit to be used.

  • Preselective Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

This fertility procedure is usually termed the advanced version of the ICSI since the technique involves the selection of the sperms then directly transferring it to the egg to escalate the chances of the healthy conception. The potential reader might be wondering the way with which the selection of the sperm is done. The selection involves the use of hyaluronan’s small droplets. The sperm which itself gets attached to the droplet is considered worth using for the fertility procedure.


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