Fertility Treatment And Its Link With Mental Health Condition

IVF Treatment: An Emotional Turmoil For Couples

A journey of parenthood is not as easy as a child’s play. You would require a lot of preparation before you jump into the boat. It is more important when you are undergoing an IVF pregnancy in the best ivf centre in punjab.

People often take care of their physical health and follow a lot of diet plans and workout regimes to make sure that they are ready for the whole procedure. But most often than not, they forget to take care of their mental health. According to many studies, mental health plays a vital role in dictating the success of fertility treatment.

Let us look at all the emotions you can undergo during IVF treatment and how you can maintain your mental health in order to receive a positive result. During such treatment, it is pretty normal to create some emotional turmoil for the couple.

It is not normal to handle psychological stress very easily. People often flip out in such situations, which leads to anxiety. You would be worried about the IVF Cost in Ludhiana and other complications.

Stress can lead to other mixtures of emotions. It is very common to experience anxiety and depression and also feel highly irritable. Some of the other emotions you might feel at the time of an IVF treatment are: 

Mental Health Turmoil For Couples During IVF Treatment 

  • Depression

Depression does not equate to feeling sad or down; it is, in fact, more than that. According to the studies, depression is a mental health condition. In such a situation, you feel a severe or persistent low mood. The hormonal changes during the fertility medication can also lead up to emotional turmoil and depression. At the time of fertility treatment, the ups and the downs are pretty natural, but it also warrants a higher chance of developing depression. This is the reason it is best to contact your health provider and learn all the details in order to eradicate any uncertainty about the treatment, which might cause some tension or stress, leading to depression. 

  • Anxiety

Anxiety can be basically summed up as a feeling of overwhelming dread. It could be hard for you to control your worry and tension with anxiety. In fact, you might worry more because of your anxiety and what might prevail next. You could also expect the worst, even when there is no apparent reason for concern.

Even though more than half of the IVF treatment is known to be invasive, you still would fear undergoing the procedure because of its extensive method. The whole process is safe and secure, so there is apparently no reason to be anxious about such a situation, but your mind would not be able to register it.

According to a study done in 2018, the further you move ahead with the IVF treatment, the more you might show the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Apart from that, researchers have also found out that people who have IVF treatment failure have higher chances of having anxiety, whereas couples who have more than one failure tend to go into depression faster than those who do not have a history of fertility treatment.