Get Rid from Menstrual Cramps

Get rid from menstrual cramps


Girls generally dread due to painful periods of every month. These cramps are caused due to shedding of inner lining of uterine wall. If you feel pain then you have inner shedding assisted by prostaglandins that are essential hormone during pregnancy. Some time poor uterus devoid from blood can cause the muscle spasms.

10 tips can give you relief from painful crams

Try to do some gentle exercises during the menstrual cycle as it helps in releasing of beta-endorphins ultimate reduce pain

Yoga can also beat pain during monthly cycle and before the period it is normal to feel bloated so reduction in the salt intake before period can reduce the flush out of excess water.

Try to wear loose clothes and avoid the cloths that hurt and tight the abdomen as it can add to pain

Take raspberry leaf tea that can give you relief

Add one glass of milk in your breakfast as calcium is good cure for cramps even calcium supplements can also work but must be taken as per prescription of doctor

Juice of carrot can regulate the menstruation

Juice of aloe Vera with the honey can reduce your pain

Try to avoid the coffee and meat during periods as these can add to pain

Try to have relief by keeping hot water bottles and even hot shower with flow on back and abdomen can help

Massage of lavender oil can relieve crams in few minutes

If you are having pain that you have never experienced before then it is advisable to consult doctor for the same.